We sincerely appreciate the continual support of our parents, alumni and friends through our annual Fund-a-Need program.  Your generosity truly makes a difference in the college preparatory education experience that we provide each Montini Catholic student.

2019 Fund-a-Need Project: ENHANCED CAMPUS SECURITY
In an ideal world, school administrators, teachers and coaches should be focused on teaching, and providing a nurturing environment for their students. However, in today’s world, keeping a campus and its students safe is a necessary component to any school strategic plan. Schools are meant to be a safe place for students. They are an essential part of their lives and are meant to raise them to be the best version they can be. While Montini Catholic’s current security system allows us to restrict access to doors, monitor some limited areas of the campus and provide video-recording, newer technology will provide a more complete and comprehensive plan with enhanced features and coverage.

Security Systems Allow Schools to Monitor Activities & Provide Immediate Response
Security systems with video surveillance will allow us to monitor the entire campus. When we know what is happening, we can respond swiftly and appropriately.

Access Control Lets Schools Ditch the Keys and Audit Trail
Rather than having dozens of keys floating around, access control allows us to secure the buildings and prevent unauthorized access. Having an integrated security and access control system can provide an audit trail of activities both during the school day and at night when our campus is closed.

Montini Catholic’s vision for a new and enhanced security system would:
• Cover our entire campus inside and out, expanding our reach to more locations.
• Retain up to 60 days of video surveillance compared to the 7 day retention our current system allows.
• Be modular and expandable so we could cover new spaces or target new areas for viewing as needed.
• Link a keyless entry system with the camera system for seamless coverage of important entry and exit points.
• Increase the number of cameras throughout our campus.


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