Montini Montini


In order to begin the transfer process, the items listed below need to be sent to Montini Catholic High School.
  • Completed transfer application and the $175 registration fee
  • Dean's Report -  attendance
  • Transcript of Records
  • Principal or Counselor's Letter of Recommendation
  • Student Letter detailing reasons for transfer
  • 9th Grade Physical and Immunization History
  • Copy of Birth Certificate

A conference with the Assistant Principal for Student Services is required prior to acceptance. Seniors will generally not be accepted, except for special causes and out-of-are transfers upon review by the Principal.  Each transfer student accepted will automatically be placed on probation for the entire school year during which he/she has been admitted.  The terms of this probation are that he/she may receive no more than three (3) detentions per semester and that he/she may receive no (0) semester failures during this probationary period.  Violations or either or both of these terms may result  in the transfer student's dismissal from Montini Catholic High School.  Both parent/guardian and student must sign a confirmation of acceptance with these terms.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mike Bukovsky, Admissions Director at 630.627.6930 x183 or email at

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