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Since 1966, Montini Catholic has been committed to continuing our founder’s mission by helping students who come from families that cannot afford the full cost of tuition and fees obtain a Montini Catholic education through its financial aid scholarship program.

This year Montini Catholic has provided over $350,000 in financial assistance to its students and their families through financial aid scholarship grants, sibling discounts and the school’s work study program. Please check the offering institute's website as deadlines may change.

Montini Catholic Academic Scholarship Program
Montini Catholic Academic Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman who sit for the placement exam at Montini Catholic. These scholarships are renewable for four years, if the student maintains a satisfactory GPA and is otherwise in good standing with Montini Catholic. based on the national percentile ranking on the Placement Exam, which must be taken at Montini Catholic .
• Students scoring between the 95th – 99th percentile will receive a $2,500 scholarship
• Students scoring between the 90th – 94th percentile will receive a $1,500 scholarship
• Students scoring between the 85th – 89th percentile will receive a $1,000 scholarship

Kazma Family Foundation Scholarship
Available only for the Class of 2017.  Student must actively attend a Catholic parish and have significant financial need. This is a renewable $3000 tuition scholarship and includes an incentive program based on honor roll status which may increase the scholarship up to $5000 per year. Financial need must be verified through FACTS online at  Families must complete the FACTS application in addition to the Kazma application which can be found hereThe application deadline is March 1, 2013.

Diocese of Joliet Financial Aid Grant - Bishop’s Tuition Assistance Fund

Paper applications are available in January by request through the Office of the President.  Families must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Application and return to the FACTS Company by

March 1, 2013.  This grant is applicable only to those families who are registered parishioners of a Joliet Diocese Parish.  Families may also apply online at  Application fee $25.00.


Bishop Blanchette Scholarship
The Joliet Diocese of Catholic Women sponsor a scholarship to a limited number of 8th grade students who will attend a Catholic High School in the Joliet Diocese.  Each parish may only sponsor one student through their CCW (Council of Catholic Women).  Families must show financial need and the student must have a scholastic average of C+.  This application is available in the spring through the Diocese of Joliet by calling 815-834-4080.

Link Unlimited Scholarship
LINK Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization that provides educational services and mentoring to economically disadvantaged African American youth from the Chicago area.  Scholarship applications can be downloaded at  

Holy Family Scholarship, Chicago Scholars

HFS Chicago Scholars provides partial high school scholarships for academically motivated yet economically disadvantaged young men & women.  8th graders with positive conduct, a GPA of 3.0 or rank in the 40-55 percentile on standardized tests in math & reading may apply.  Applications are available at 

John Nania Scholarship for current Juniors

The John Nania Scholarship at Montini Catholic High School has been established by the employees of Nania Energy, Inc. to honor John Nania, Class of 1979. They have established the criteria for the scholarship to meet the interests of John Nania, and encourage any student who believes they qualify to submit an application. Click here for details.

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