Montini Catholic High School - Faculty/Staff Directory



James Segredo
President  174
Maryann O'Neill
Principal  102
Kathleen Filipiak
Assistant Principal for Student Services 
Michael Kisicki
Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction

Administrative Associates

Rosemary Riccio
Assistant to the President
Rita Weisenburger
Administrative Assistant  186

Athletic Office

Robert Landi
Athletic Director  163
Carla Fortuna
Administrative Assistant  164
Eric Scott
Assistant to the Athletic Director  173
Katie Sulzmann Trainer  

Business & Computer Department

Peter Farina Technology Director  110
Barry Briggs  Mathematics & Computer Technology Instructor  111
Gina Gasbarre  Computer Technology Instructor  389
David Lyons '87 Business & Social Studies Instructor  335
James Ryan '00 Business & Social Studies Instructor

Business Office

James Nelson
Business Manager 184
Barbara Pauley  Director of Business/Corporate Relations

Campus Ministry

Michael Blanchette
Campus Minister 123
Kelly Davis
Assistant Campus Minister 217

Class Moderators

James Ryan '00
Freshman Class 334
Jill McQuade
Sophomore Class 112
Hilda Castor
Junior Class 339
Arthur Stuart
Senior Class 415

Deans' Office

Thomas Lentine
Dean 136
Anne Westerkamp '84
Dean 210
Francine Miller
Attendance 107

Development Office

Br. Thomas Harding, FSC
Community, Corporate & Foundation Relations/Planned Giving 179
Michael Bukovsky '83
Admissions Representative 183
Kimberly Richmond '81
Admissions Coordinator 182
Michelle O'Connor '88
Special Events Coordinator/Database Manager 177
Megan (Crotty) Pauley '00
Alumni Relations Coordinator/Social Media & Website Manager 178
Tom Rachubinski '95
Admissions & Alumni Representative
Eric Brechtel
Admissions Representatives

English Department

Rita Keogh  English Department Chairperson 352
Kevin Beirne  English Instructor 328
Michael Kisicki
English Instructor/Director of Curriculum & Instruction 108
Sara Lhotka 
English Instructor 332
Diann Matheson 
English Instructor/Director of Theatre 333
Laura Medina English Instructor 331
Joseph Voss 
English Instructor

Fine & Performing Arts Department

Wanda Drabik  
Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair 214
Cassie Tighe-Hansen Art Instructor 414
Belford Hernandez
Music Instructor  315
Matthew Loeb Piano Collaborator  
Diann Matheson Acting Instructor/Director of Theatre  333
Jennifer Voogd  Fine Arts Instructor/Director of Student Activities 213
 Michelle Wrighte Voice Instructor  

Foreign Language Department

Roberta Raike
Foreign Language Department Chairperson 327
Hilda Castor
Spanish Instructor 347
Amy Humphrey
French Instructor 346
Nora Kinney  Spanish Instructor 325
Tom Kucera 
Spanish Instructor 326

General Education

Laraine Parker
Director of General Education 350

Guidance & College Counselors

Danielle Monroe
Director of Counseling 165
Nicholas Matkovich
Counselor 167 
Joan Zilkow
Counselor 166
 Amber Pausche Counseling Intern  

Library/Learning Resource Center

Estelle Soger
Librarian 170
Sr. Barbara Rowan  Learning Resource Center Volunteer  
Donna Westerkamp '80
Learning Resource Center Aide 171

Main Office

Nancy Mack
Assistant to the Principal 100
Susan Martin
Administrative Assistant 101

Mathematics Department

Christine McManus
Math Department Chairperson/AP Mathematics Instructor 357
Kathryn Borg
Mathematics Instructor 359
Barry Briggs   Mathematics & Computer Technology Instructor 111
Catherine Marchese
Mathematics Instructor 356
Kristine McInerney
Mathematics Instructor & Yearbook Moderator 355
Brian Opoka
Mathematics Instructor 358
Andrew Samide
Mathematics Instructor 361


Jason Nichols
Director of Operations 185
Tom Hanik
Plant Manager 208

Physical Education Department

Anne Westerkamp '84
Physical Education Instructor/Dean 210
Michael Bukovsky '83 Physical Education Instructor 183 
Stephen Dowjotas '02
Physical Education Instructor 416
Thomas Lentine
Physical Education Instructor/Dean
Jill McQuade
Physical Education Instructor 112
Chris Andriano
Physical Education Instructor 118 


Christine Lamar Registrar 105

School Spirit Store

Roberta Raike
Store Manager 327

Science Department

Sandra Deiber
Science Department Chair 344
Elise Barth
Science Instructor 343
Richard Billings
Science Instructor 340
Colleen Marks Science Instructor  345
Lawrence Misialek
Science Instructor 342
David Reid Science Instructor 341
Art Stuart
Science Instructor 415

Social Studies Department

James Izzo '71
Social Studies Department Chair  354
Michael Dailey
Social Studies Instructor 351
Rolland Eckman, Jr. 
Social Studies Instructor 353
Peter Lewek Social Studies Instructor 337
James Ryan '00 Business & Social Studies Instructor 334

Student Activities

Jennifer Voogd 
Director of Student Activities

Student Resources

 Melissa Howard  Student Resource Instructor  129
 Sherri Tucci  Student Resource Instructor 220

Substitute Instructor

 John Katzfey  Substitute Instructor  

Theology Department

Michael Blanchette
Theology Department Chairperson, Campus Minister & Director of Community Service Learning  123
Barbara Fehrman Caruso
Theology Instructor 339
Kelly Davis
Theology Instructor 217
Joseph Mordente
Theology Instructor 349
Joanna Szymanski Theology Instructor 348

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