When well taught, the arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. The learning experiences are real and meaningful for them.  While learning in other disciplines may often focus on development of a single skill or talent, the arts regularly engage multiple skills and abilities. Engagement in the Arts — whether the visual arts, dance, music, theatre or other disciplines—nurtures the development of cognitive, social, and personal competencies.

Music is an integral part of our lives. Mercy strives to work with each student to develop her God given talents while learning to work as a group to create a beautiful product. It is the goal of Mercy's Music Department that each young woman leaves the program as a more confident musician who has a greater appreciation of music for the rest of her life.

The objectives of the music program include fostering teamwork, leadership, performance, stage presence, and collaboration among students in music ensembles and in music courses. The emphasis in the music program is placed on the performance as a final product. 

A strong drama and theater program offers the multi-faceted fine and performing arts department additional venues for all skill sets—vocalists, instrumental, visual arts, stage and technical skills, and more to bring a fall or spring production to life.

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