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2013-14 Achievements

Suburban Christian Conference Champions: Girls Volleyball, Football, Girls Basketball, Wrestling
Boys Football: IHSA Class 5A Team State Finalists - 2nd in State
Boys Golf: IHSA Team State Finalists - 12th in State
Boys Soccer: IHSA Regional Champs
Girls Cross Country: IHSA Team State Finalists - 11th in State
Brittany Fisher Named IHSA All-State (14th in State)
Broncettes: TDI State Champions in Pom, 3rd in Open Pom
Girls Basketball: IHSA Class 3A State Champions
Regional, Sectional & Supersectional Champions
Wrestling: IHSA Class 2A State Champions
Regional & Sectional Champions
Suburban Christian Conference Player of the Year: 
Bridget Lucas - Girls Volleyball
Brittany Fisher - Girls Cross Country
Alex Wills - Football
Dylan Thompson - Football Lineman of the Year

2012-13 Athletic Achievements
State Titles: Football, Wrestling, Pom, Open Pom
Pom Varsity Grand Champions
2nd Place in State: Girls Lacrosse
3rd Place in State: Girls Basketball, Girls Cross Country
IHSA Regional Champions: Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Softball, Girls Soccer
IHSA Sectional Champions: Wrestling, Girls Basketball
IHSA Supersectional Champions: Girls Basketball
Suburban Christian Conference Champions: Girls Cross Country, Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Wrestling, Baseball
Suburban Christian Conference Players of the Year:
Girls Cross Country - Theresa Connolly / Football (Offense) - Joey Borsellino / Wrestling - Tommy Pawelski / Baseball - Ben Dobosenski

Faith, Family, Education and Sport

Welcome to the Montini Catholic Athletic Web Page! My name is Bob Landi and this is my fourth year serving our student athletes and their families as the Athletic Director.

Montini Catholic has experienced a strong tradition of graduating well rounded students who have learned life lessons in the classroom and on the playing field. I realize that many of our students believe that athletics is “everything.” However, it is my belief that sports, although very important to a high school student, is one of many priorities a student athlete must balance during the high school experience.

The greatest priority for a Catholic School is to teach and demonstrate our faith in Jesus Christ. It is our intent, through athletics, to demonstrate our faith by playing fair, adhering to the rules, and setting examples of sportsmanship which are second to none. 

The second priority we believe is to that of the family. Each student athlete will hear the important message of family. Other than a student’s faith in God, family is critical to the development and support base required to bring the next leaders of our community and nation to the forefront.

The third priority for our student athletes is their education. Too many of our country’s youth have fallen into the “sport trap” of athletics at all costs; seeking that elusive goal of being a professional athlete and having nothing to fall back upon when that dream doesn’t materialize. I will never take away a high school student’s dream to become a professional athlete, but I will insist that the student receive an excellent education in case that dream does not become a reality.

The fourth priority is sport itself. When placed in the proper perspective, I believe Montini student athletes will learn that character, integrity, values, and good sportsmanship will be valuable life lessons which will serve them for years beyond our walls. It is my belief that these life lessons are the true value of sport itself.

Having placed these priorities in front of our student athletes does not deter our drive for victory on the field of competition. Montini programs have experienced many competitive successes throughout the years. We applaud these accomplishments and look forward to additional achievements on the field of play! 

Our coaches are dedicated to helping teach and support the value system of our faith as well as the teaching philosophies of St. John Baptist DeLaSalle. I realize we aren’t perfect, but I know we are all committed to being the best we can be to help the athletes entrusted to us each season.

Have a Great Season, God Bless,

Bob Landi
Athletic Director
(630) 627-6930 ext. 163

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