At Montini, our pursuit of academic excellence is reflected in a college preparatory curriculum as comprehensive and rigorous as any high school can offer.  With annual ACT scores well above the national average, it is no wonder that 98% of our graduating seniors continue their education at the college of their choice. 

In recent years those choices have included some of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, such as Northwestern, Notre Dame, Michigan, Brown, Purdue, Marquette, Princeton and many more.

Montini students are tracked in the Honors/Advanced Placement Curriculum, the Academic Curriculum or the General Education Curriculum—all of which are college preparatory programs.

Annually over 80% of Montini’s Advanced Placement students receive college credit.  Also each year several of our AP students earn perfect scores on the Advanced Placement Exams. 

The Montini Catholic faculty is certainly one of the most devoted and hard working group of educators one will ever meet.  It is important to know that our faculty concentrates on getting to know each and every one of our students on a personal level.  At Montini, we can’t overstress our belief that we are contributing to the shaping of the lives of young men and women, not just names and numbers.  As our president, Mr. James Segredo states: “Montini has always been small enough to allow us to know our students and families quite well, yet large enough to have the resources and programs to serve them well.”

Presently, 52 men and women make up our teaching staff.  They consist of a healthy mix of longtime Montini veterans and rising young educators, combining for an average of 17 years of teaching experience, with 37 holding masters’ degrees and 5 holding PhD’s.

Academic Profile

Current Enrollment:

 Grade 12
 Grade 11
 Grade 10
 Grade  9
 Total  700

Faculty: 73% have an advanced degree.

School Calendar:  There are two 18 week semesters.  Mid-semester grades are issued at 9 weeks.  The school day consists of 8 class periods of 48 minutes each.

ACT Exam:  All students take the ACT Exam.  The top 25% of the class of 2011 earned an average ACT score of 29.  Seventy-five percent of students earned an average ACT score of 25 and all exceeded the State and National Average at 23.

Class of 2011 Profile:  76% of the Class of 2011 had a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Montini Graduates
 College Bound Graduates
      Four Year College
           Private In-State
           Public In-State
           Private Out of State
           Public Out of State
      Two Year College
      Vocational/Technical School
      Service Academy Appointment
      Full-Time Employment
      Military Service
       Illinois State Scholars
       National Honor Society Members

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