Each day we begin the school day with communal prayer.  Every class begins with prayer, always placing ourselves in the presence of our God. 

We celebrate Eucharist as a faith community throughout the school year. Since Word and Eucharist are at the center of our faith, we at Montini feel that is it important to celebrate as a community. Priests from our feeder parishes are invited to celebrate "for" and "with" us. This bridges the relationship the students have in their school with their home parishes.

Freshman Day of Recollection

Freshmen and Sophomores are offered Days of Recollection to reflect on their faith journey.

Sophomore Day of Service

Junior Retreats

All Juniors attend a retreat held at LaSalle Manor in Plano, Illinois.

Senior Retreats

Kairos Offers Reflection "On God's Time"
Kairos is about God's time, not our own time. Led by teams of students and faculty members, Kairos is a
retreat that must be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate; therefore, students are not likely to share
their experience with others upon return. Montini Catholic seniors are invited to experience Kairos in the
fall or spring.


In the Fall of 2012, Montini Catholic developed a service-learning program, believing that a well designed program can move service to a whole new dimension.  Service can strengthen young people’s faith, but they may not make that connection without some help.  
Beginning with the class of 2016, the students will have numerous opportunities for journaling and reflection.  Service learning is an educational movement that helps translate academic learning to the real world.  The core components of service learning are authentic service, structured reflection, and integration with a subject to be learned.  Service, with the inclusion of structured reflection, can help students learn about God’s personal presence in the world and about the specific vision of God represented by Catholicism. 


Habitat for Humanity
One Week Can Change A Life Forever

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian organization wherein volunteers partner with future and
current homeowners to build simple, decent, and affordable housing for low to very low-income families.
Montini Catholic students, faculty, and even alumni, have looked forward, each spring and summer since
2003, to serving God by serving others, united in an ecumenical environment for a common cause.

The “Christian Service Learning Guide”  describes the program in detail.

More information on Christian Service Opportunities can be found here.

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