Sarah Pittenger, Department Chair
630-627-6930 Extension 130

The English Department recognizes that each student learns through rational and logical thinking and through the creative and intuitive process. Learning becomes meaningful and integrated when a balance of educational experiences is offered to students. We aim to balance verbal with visual, creative with logical, and intuitive with rational experiences. A concentrated and developmental sequence of writing skills for all levels of instruction is presented as a thorough preparation for college writing standards.  The Department offers a four-year emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, speech, literature, and composition. These components are considered essential to a program which aims to develop student skills in using and appreciating language and its various expressions. In addition to the regular scope and sequence of our departmental curriculum, the component of required summer reading has been added.  Each student will be required to read at least one selection over the summer which will be evaluated in the first weeks of the new semester. 
The following courses are offered in the English Department:

  • Communication I & II
  • English 9 & Honors English 9
  • English 10/Honors English 10 - Literature and Composition
  • English 10/Honors English - Speech and Drama
  • College Preparatory Writing and Research
  • English 11 & Honors English 11
  • Advanced Placement English: Language and Composition
  • English 12 & Honors English 12
  • Advanced Placement English: Literature and Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • African American Literature Studies
  • Advanced Creative Writing
  • College Preparatory Reading
  • Journalism