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Montini Catholic Placement Exam Academic Scholarships - Incoming Freshmen

Montini Catholic Academic Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen who sit for the Saturday, December 7, 2019 placement exam at Montini Catholic. These scholarships are renewable for four years, if the student maintains a satisfactory GPA and is otherwise in good standing with Montini Catholic. The amount awarded is based on the national percentile ranking on the Placement Exam, which must be taken at Montini Catholic .

• Students scoring between the 95th – 99th percentile will receive a $2,500 annual scholarship 
• Students scoring between the 90th – 94th percentile will receive a $1,500 annual scholarship 
• Students scoring between the 85th – 89th percentile will receive a $1,000 annual scholarship

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Johnathan Weiger "Johnny Always Win" Memorial Scholarship - Incoming Freshmen

The Johnathan Weiger “Johnny Always Wins” Memorial Scholarship has been established by the Weiger family in memory of their son Johnny. In August of 2011, Johnny attended Montini Catholic High School for his freshmen year but, succumbed to complications from Leukemia in November of his sophomore year. In his short time as a Montini Catholic student, Johnny was a high honor student while he played on the freshman football team and even during his chemotherapy treatments. But it was his fight, determination and faith that stood out the most as to who he was. It is in that spirit that the Johnathan Weiger “Johnny Always Wins” Memorial Scholarship was created.

The Johnathan Weiger “Johnny Always Wins” Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000.00 renewable scholarship.  The recipient of the scholarship will be selected by the Weiger family based on the applicant’s grade school academic record, extracurricular involvement, character and faith.  The scholarship recipient will be notified by mail and the scholarship will be awarded at a school mass.

Please note that the application gets mailed directly to the Weiger family, not Montini Catholic High School.  The deadline for this scholarship has passed for the Class of 2023.

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Mary Guertler Memorial Scholarship - Current Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors

To honor the memory of Mary Guertler, who had four children and two grandchildren attend and graduate from Montini Catholic High School, her son Stephen has established a memorial scholarship in her name.

Mary’s Catholic faith was the cornerstone of her life. She attended mass daily. Mary was  steadfast and selfless in her desire to provide each of her four children a Catholic education.  No personal sacrifice was too great for her to achieve this vision. She worked third shift as a Nursing Assistant at Elmhurst Hospital to ensure tuition was always covered.  She specifically requested the PM shift so she was home for her children both before and after school.  Mary loved Montini Catholic was proud of the Lasallian educational experience that her children and grandchildren received.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current Freshmen, Sophomore or Junior 
  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Stewardship to both your parish and school
  • Liturgical/Youth Ministry Participation
  • Financial Need

Award: $1,000 Scholarship

Please complete The Guertler Scholarship application and return it to the Main Office by Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

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John Nania Scholarship - Current Juniors

The John Nania Scholarship at Montini Catholic High School has been established by the employees of Nania Energy, Inc. to honor John Nania, Class of 1979. They have established the criteria for the scholarship to meet the interests of John Nania, and encourage any student who believes they qualify to submit an application. 
The eligible student should:
1. Be a current junior at Montini Catholic High School. 
2. Have some need for financial assistance
3. Maintain an overal GPA of 3.0
4. Submit a 400-500 word essay speaking to his/her interest in starting or owning a business and how he/she will give back to society as a business person.

Please submit application essays to Mrs. Sue Fisch in DeLaSalle Hall or sfisch@montini.org by April 18, 2020.

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The Weisenburger Family Scholarship - Current Juniors

The Weisenburger Family scholarship is in gratitude for the transformative Lasallian education that was received by Cathy '70, Marc '71, Carolyn (Drengler) '72, Wally '75, Joe '78, Andrew '05 and Kimmy '07.

The scholarship is also to honor and remember Walter and Catherine Weisenburger who as patriarchs of the family recognized and valued Catholic education.  A special thank you for all they sacrificed to send all four of their children to Catholic Schools.  Finally, this scholarship is in fond memory of Cathy Weisenburger '70 and Carolyn Drengler Weisenburger '72 both teachers who dedicated their lives to education.

Award Recipient
This Weisenburger Family Scholarship will be funded on an annual basis and will be awarded to a male or female who is at least a junior at Montini.  This student must have expressed interest in pursuing a degree in Education. The applicant will need to have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the classroom as well as in other extracurricular activities. The applicant must complete the Weisenburger Application and return it to the Main Office or Mrs. Sara McGady in De La Salle Hall by April 25, 2020.

The recipient of this scholarship will get a $1000 credit applied to next school year tuition.