Montini Catholic High School Class Representatives serve as a liaison between each graduating class, the alumni community and the school.  Alumni who take on this role should not necessarily see this as a role for life, nor one that they have to undertake alone. Each class may want two representatives or a small committee.

If you would like to serve as a representative for your class, please contact the Alumni Office at Please see below for a list of current class reps.  

Mission & Purpose:

  • Engage and communicate with classmates to develop class identity and unity that can be shared amongst the greater alumni community.
  • Increase communications and alumni relations to new levels of participation and support.
  • Build a team of individuals who wish to be involved and connected to the school, fostering future involvement.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Act as a liaison between your graduating class and the school, striving to keep your class connected to Montini Catholic High School.
  • Help Montini Catholic High School communicate with your class. Specifically, help the school by forwarding news and information about alumni events and services to your classmates.
  • Create/Moderate Class Facebook Page
  • Encourage your class to “Share News” and serve as the gatherer of information for the Bronco Express newsletter.
  • Births/Engagements/Weddings/Deaths/New Job/Retirement
  • Encourage classmates to keep their contact information current with the Alumni Office.
  • Aid the Development Office in Annual Fund communications to classmates.
  • Be an ambassador for Montini Catholic High School & have fun!
1970   Tom Young   1995   Tom Rachubinski
1971   Mike Tellone &
Maureen Scola deWaard
  1996   Jim Hubeny &
Katie Doll Hubeny
1972   Peggy Lindstrom   1997   Jenna Steiner Archuleta 
1973       1998    
1974       1999    
1975   Laura Evans Clark   2000   Kasia Serio Giblin & Megan Crotty Pauley 
1976   Carla Bryant   2001   Tom Costantini & Brian Casey 
1977   Paul Glyman   2002   Bryan Bylica & Greg Strzempek 
1978   Sue Reedy Williams   2003    
1979       2004   Sarah Birdsall Kulick
1980   Joe Capparelli   2005   Joe DiGregorio 
1981   Julie Gleason   2006   Nick Giannini 
1982       2007   Steve Santay 
1983       2008    
1984       2009    

Jeannette Workman Bartosz &
Nancy Paluch Tassi 

  2010   Jenna Gasbarre 
1986   Dan Laughlin & Steve King    2011   Emily Sokalski & Tom Ruopp 
1987       2012   Alex Briggs
1988       2013   William Dawes
1989   John Vosicky    2014    
1990   Tim Ogan   2015    
1991       2016    
1992       2017    
1993       2018    
1994   Mike Sullivan   2019