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20-21 Student Government Officers Selected


Despite being on a school campus hiatus - it's business as usual at Montini Catholic.  Spring is always the time for new beginnings in the form of electing new Student Government officers - and this year was no different.  The new representatives for the 20-21 school year are looking forward to taking the reins this August.  Under the guidance of teacher and moderator, alumna Megan Steiner '10, the officers hope to bring fresh ideas for fundraising and social events to the table.  "This new group of members are students who have been involved in Student Government since they were freshmen," said Steiner.  "They attend class meetings, help with their class challenges, and attend all of the events. I think they have their fingers on the pulse regarding what their classmates want to incorporate into their high school experience.  They're going to greatly help me and our class moderators plan for another successful year!"

20-21 Student Government Officers are:

President: Glory Ugorji
Vice President:  Nora Sypkens
Secretary: Cydney Rand
Treasurer: Nick Fisch

Glory Ugorji, will be taking the reins as President.  She is no stranger to getting involved at school as a member of the Track and Volleyball Teams. She is also a Peer Minister and a member of the Broadcasting and Baking Clubs.  "I believe that a school should be a place of laughter and learning," she stated, upon being asked why she wanted the position of President. "I want to be the students' voice to make our school a place where you can have fun and still obtain knowledge."  She is hoping to ramp up school spirit amongst all grades, since one of her favorite memories so far at Montini was joining with fellow Bronco fans during a varsity sporting event earlier this year.  "I could just feel the home environment!  We were all cheering and having fun together - no matter what grade anyone was in - it was great!" 

Glory's advice to incoming freshmen who may be reluctant to get involved - "Don't be that person that says 'I should have joined earlier' in your senior year!  If you want to get the most out of high school you need to get involved as soon as you can during your freshman year!"
Nora Sypkens will be second in command as Vice President.  She is looking forward to working alongside her good friend, Glory. "For years we have talked about being officers in Student Government together," she said.  "We have both been very involved and active so we thought this would be something we would both be good at!"  The two are Volleyball teammates and have grown very close throughout their time as Broncos.  " We have lots of ideas, and we balance each other out," she added.  "I know my senior year will be very special working alongside one of my closest friends!" 

Like Glory, Nora thrives on involvement.  She is a member of the Volleyball Team and also finds time to manage the Boys Varsity Team.  She is a member of the Spanish Club, Math Team, Science Club, Pep Band, Peer Ministry and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  She represents the school as a Student Ambassador and is a member of the Spanish Honor Society, the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta (Math) Honor Society. 

Nora would like to build on the momentum created by this year's Student Government team.  "We have big shoes to fill - but, I hope to encourage even more involvement and school spirit among my class, whether during pep rallies, home games, or student government events. I think the current situation (due to the Coronavirus shutdown) has given everyone a greater appreciation for their time at Montini, and an understanding of how fleeting our years here truly are. I think this next year, we should make the best of what time we will have left among our friends, and as senior leaders, we should really put our all into making this year fun and full of great memories!"  Her sheer enthusiasm for the task at hand makes it quite clear to see why Nora was selected for the position of Vice President.  "I am a good organizer, so I think part of my role will be to figure out more of the specific details when it comes to putting plans in motion - but, most of all, I plan to help in any way I can."

Nick Fisch is proud to be taking on the role of Treasurer next year.  Although he was a little hesitant to take on the position, due to a perceived hectic senior schedule, he decided it was what he wanted to do.  Currently, Nick is a member of Montini's Cross Country and Track Teams.  He is also a member of Sancti Futuri (Future Saints Club), Lasallian Youth, Pep Band and the National Honor Society.  Next year he plans on adding the Peer Ministry Team to his student resume in addition to Treasurer of Student Government.   "The way I see it is that this allows me to more directly help my school and my classmates - it can’t get more important than managing the accounting of Student Government, can it?" He inquires with a smile. 

Nick's desire as a school leader is to enhance the quality of Student Government run events. "My main goals would be to do more to improve communication to the student body regarding information about these events," he said.  "I think that will raise interest for more students to go to these events!" 

Regarding his time as a Bronco, Nick fondly remembers going down state for Cross Country.  "I don't think I'll ever forget it and the experience inspired me to keep striving to better myself in order to reach my goals.  When asked about his worst memory?  "That time in 2020 when school was cancelled for about three months and my entire Track season got cancelled too!"

His advice to his younger Bronco peers is pretty simple, "Chill out. If you spend all your time worrying, and stressing over every little test or grade, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. Go to events, go to football games, and do things that make you happy. Keep a clear head and realize that you’ll get through this okay, so have some fun while you’re at it!"

Next year's Student Government Secretary will be Cydney Rand.  " I used to be a part of my grade school Student Government as an executive member.  I was looking back remembering why I joined it in the first place.  I’ve always been pretty organized when it comes to planning and everything so I figured Secretary would be a good fit for me."  Cydney is a member of the Spanish Club, Treblemakers (singing group), Media Club and Drama Club.  She is also a Peer Minister and a member of the Spanish Honor Society.  All of this, and she still finds time to enjoy Volleyball and Softball at Montini.

Involvement is also her goal as a leader of the school.  "I hope to bring even more school spirit to Montini. Sometimes people don’t want to participate because they don’t think they’re that type of person. Everyone can participate and have fun, it’s human nature!"  Her goal is to introduce new spirit week events and to make sure all events are inclusive.  "I want to create more opportunities for people to show who they really are!"

Montini Catholic's Student Government is tasked with conceptualizing, planning and organizing student activities throughout the school year.  The officers weigh suggestions and make decisions  on many school events, service programs and fundraising drives. One of the team's essential responsibilities is planning and executing Montini's annual Golden Gobbler Food Drive at Thanksgiving.  The drive provides much needed food to pantries throughout the community. 

Assisting the four new leaders will be new members of the 2020-21 Executive Board. 
These members will be:
Reeghan Boyer, sophomore
Megan Canty, sophomore
Kayla Chrapkowski, junior
Varshika Karthi, sophomore
Kayla Kulhanek, sophomore
Mary Ann Lah, sophomore
Rosalie Moraga, junior
Patrick O’Connor, junior
Amanda Rollag, junior
Sarah Stevenson, sophomore
Emerald Whaley, junior
Isabel Zayed, junior

"I am a firm believer that what you put into things is what you get out of them, so I would
encourage students to participate as much as they can as early on as they can," said Nora. " The more invested you can be in your student activities, like during spirit weeks or home game student sections, the better memories you’ll be making for yourself and your class."  Cydney seconds Nora's advice, "Students shouldn't be afraid to join something new.  Joining clubs and sports is a great way to branch out and make new friends."

Steiner has accomplished a lot in her first year as Activities Director at Montini. With the help of her team, she has succeeded in getting students even more engaged and active during their time as Broncos.  "Our Student Government members and moderators have done a great job of coming up with events that students of all different interests have wanted to get involved with. I welcome our new members and I am very interested to hear from them as to which activities they enjoyed the most and want to keep doing, as well as other new ideas they may have."

Image above:
Top row l to r:   Glory Ugorji, Nora Sypkens, Cydney Rand, Nick Fisch

Second Row l to r:  Reeghan Boyer, Megan Canty, Kayla Chrapkowski, Varshika Karthi, Kayla Kulhanek, Mary Ann Lah

Third Row l to r:  Rosalie Moraga, Patrick O’Connor, Amanda Rollag, Sarah Stevenson, Emerald Whaley, Isabel Zayed


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