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Bronco Artist of the Month for October Announced


Congratulations went out to Montini Catholic senior, Elyse Spaccapaniccia, for being named Bronco Artist of the Month for October.  Elyse was selected for the honor by Digital Photography teacher, Mrs. Dina Kwit.  "When Elyse begins a photography project she does a wonderful job of letting her creativity take over and comes up with amazing work," informed Mrs. Kwit.  "She is constantly creating new ways of photographing a subject. It's really fun to watch her lead others with her ideas and share her knowledge of creating different looks with camera settings."

"I've always been interested in photography," said Elyse.  "But, I've never had the chance to truly pursue it and learn about it more like I did this year."   Elyse enjoys taking everyday objects and turning them into works of art through her photography.  She thrives on capturing images of "the little things in nature" that many overlook.  "I really enjoy photographing nature, flowers, and objects with vibrant colors. I love the vibrant colors because of how much they stand out among the others.  Nature itself is very inspiring to me.  There is so much beauty in it and no photograph is ever the same!"

She welcomes the challenges photography presents, particularly of balancing the exposure triangle and finding the right camera setting for a time of day or situation.  "I really enjoy the variety of projects presented in my photography class and how Mrs. Kwit exposes us to using different techniques to capture really cool photos!"

"My hope is that after class ends, Elyse continues to capture images that are awe inspiring," added Kwit.  "Her final portfolio will include photos from our recent field trip to the Morton Arboretum and I am looking forward to seeing what she captures!" 
Elyse is excited to grow her skills as a photographer and knows it will be a lifelong hobby for her.  Both she and her parents were thrilled to learn that she had been selected as Artist of the Month.  "They love to see the pictures I take during class and the different ways I edit them!"
Elyse is from Bolingbrook and is the daughter of John and Cassandra Spaccapaniccia.  She graduated from Jane Addams Middle School and is a member of Christ the Servant Parish.
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