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Bumber's Corner Locker Recipient Announced


Montini Tradition In Its Second Year of Honoring Extraordinary Alumnus
Montini Catholic is proud to announce its 2019  'Bumber's Corner Locker' recipient.  This year's honor went to senior (OL/DL) Patrick Peters. "Patrick has emerged as a quiet leader, and a guy that all of the younger players in the program can look up to both on the field and off the field," said Head Coach Mike Bukovsky, who, along with Montini's Varsity Football staff, selected him for the honor.  "He truly embodies the traits that Brad Bumber showed during his time in the Bronco Football Program, a strong work ethic, a humble demeanor, and a tough physical presence.  Both guys earned the utmost respect from their teammates and coaches alike, and, like Brad, Patrick can always be counted on to think 'Team First.'"
Montini Catholic student Brad Bumber '89 played linebacker for the Broncos from 1985 to 1989.   He passed away on September 26, 2015 due to complications from his long battle with cancer.  The unique idea to honor a current football player each year with the use of this special locker was the brainchild of Montini Catholic alumnus, Brian Forde' 89.  Brian had the unique idea to commemorate the memory of his friend, and fellow Bronco football teammate, last summer (2018) during the renovation of Montini's locker rooms.   He initiated the plan to create 'Bumber's Corner Locker.'  Patrick is the second Bronco to receive this honor (last year's honor went to Raymond Wojkovich '19).
"My initial reaction to hearing that I was selected was total surprise because I felt like there were a lot of other guys who could have received this award," said Patrick.  "I am very honored to receive it, and I will do my best to be a symbol of what Brad stood for and carry on his legacy."
Parents, Greg and Carrie Peters, were also very thrilled with the news.  "They told me that it's more important to be a good example off the field and they encouraged me to continue to work hard like Brad did!" 
"On behalf of Montini Catholic's faculty, staff and student body, I would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Patrick and his family," said President Jim Segredo.  "Brad and Patrick are examples to us all."

"For the coaches to see in me some of the traits that Brad exhibited is something that I will be proud of for the rest of my life," said Patrick.  "I will always try to keep Brad in mind!"
Brad Bumber & the History Behind Bumber's Locker Corner
The LaSallian Christian Brother educational tradition is structured to develop the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of students. During and after his time at Montini, Brad Bumber became a living example of the LaSallian traditions both on and off the football field, and how those traditions and values positively influence and shape students during and after high school, throughout their entire life. 
Thanks to Brian Forde and his former Bronco teammates from the Class of 1989, each year, a Montini Catholic Bronco varsity football player will receive the honor to use the locker in Brad's honor.  "Dedicating a football locker in his memory is the best way our class could think of to honor Brad's memory," said Forde.  "The player chosen by his coaches to receive 'Bumber’s Corner' each year should feel extremely honored to be recognized for demonstrating similar attributes and qualities as Brad, and for the privilege to play Montini Bronco Football under the banner of his name and memory."
"Brad Bumber was the definition of a blue-collar player," said Forde, remembering his good friend.  "He was never the fastest, strongest, or most naturally talented player on the field. Nobody outworked, out hustled or outperformed him and he never gave anything less than 100% - in the game, or at practice. "
According to Forde, Bumber genuinely loved being on the gridiron, and wanted to make every tackle on every play, but was also the first to congratulate his teammates for making a play.  "Brad became our team captain, not only for his performance on the field, but equally because of the positive way he carried himself off the field.  Through his daily commitment, work ethic, consistency, and good nature in the locker room, he earned the admiration and respect of his football teammates. He exemplified good sportsmanship, hard work, determination, and the confidence those traits naturally engender. He was a loyal teammate, and a morally grounded friend."
Forde also recalled that Brad would go out of his way to take freshmen players under his wing, encouraged them to work hard, and made them feel a part of the football brotherhood. "He wanted every Bronco who wore the jersey to love the game as much as he did, and for his entire team to succeed, together."  Teammate Guy DeFeo '89 agrees about Brad's extraordinary demeanor on and off the field.  “He was the ultimate teammate who didn’t need, or want, praise. He made everyone around him better just  by his example.”
“Brad really took Coach (Chris) Andriano’s speeches, about good sportsmanship, to heart," remembered Forde.  "We were playing Driscoll, who we hated. I mean hated. After every play he would amble over, smile and offer a hand to help the guy to his feet, the opposing ball carrier—who he just knocked into next week. And he did it again and again, with his huge grin.  I’m pretty sure the Driscoll guys all thought he was kind of crazy.“
For all of these reasons, Brad Bumber was admired and respected amongst his teammates, coaches, and classmates.  Montini Catholic remained so important to him personally, as well.   One of Brad's last wishes was to return to Montini to see one last football game and spend time with his old friends and coaches. On Friday, September 18, 2015, that dream was realized.  "At the time, he was in the final stage of a long battle with cancer. He had lost almost 90 pounds, and was in excruciating pain," remembers Forde, "In typical Bumber fashion, and against all odds, he showed up!"
Bumber passed away exactly one week after that final homecoming at the age of 45.  "His natural everyday disposition was truly inspired by the Gospel’s golden rule, the traditions of the Catholic Church, and the spiritual teachings of St. John Baptist de La Salle," remembered Forde.  "In the truest sense possible, Brad lived the principles instilled in us each day while at Montini."
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