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Class of 2020 Service Awards Announced

Montini Catholic congratulated this year's Pax Christi Instrument of Peace Award and Mother Teresa Award for Campus Ministry recipients from their Class of 2020.  The recipients were informed of these honors on Friday, July 17th, during the Lasallian high school's (drive-through) commencement ceremony.

This year's Pax Christi Instrument of Peace Award went to senior James Musil.  Christina Schieman and Nathan Sniegowski were each awarded the Mother Teresa Award for Campus Ministry.   "Each year, these esteemed awards recognize Bronco students who have devoted themselves to God by working in the Lasallian tradition to serve others and to build a heritage of faith in the community," said Montini Catholic President Jim Segredo.  "James, Nathan and Christina display a commitment to our Catholic faith and mission of service and exemplify Christ-centered leadership qualities in and around our Lasallian school.  Throughout their time at Montini, they have each inspired many through their words and actions to live a Christ-centered life."

James was most recently honored with the Stritch Junior Services League Award from Loyola Stritch Medical School in recognition of his outstanding service with the Stritch Junior Service League.   During his time as a Bronco, James was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and took part in Montini Catholic's annual senior Kairos Retreat.

Mother Teresa Award recipient, Christina Schieman, was a member of Montini's Peer Ministry group, which seeks to enrich the faith life of students through prayer and service.  She was also a participant in the Kairos Retreat for seniors.  This past January, she took part in her second March for Life with fellow pro-life activists at Montini Catholic.  

Nathan Sniegowski was also a member of Montini Catholic's Peer Ministry and Fellowship of Christian Athletes teams.  He also served as a Student Ambassador, putting his best foot forward while representing Montini Catholic to potential new Broncos. He was a member of the Lasallian Youth Group and a Eucharistic Minister.  In addition, Nathan was honored to represent his Broncos during Habitat for Humanity mission trips and was a participant and leader at the Kairos Retreats.

"James, Nathan and Christina have a great understanding of the meaning behind the word - service," said Campus Minister, Mike Blanchette. "They deserve this honor bestowed on them as graduates.  Each understands what it means to think of others and to give back to the community.  They have definitely made a difference here, as Broncos, and I have no doubt that they will continue to live out Christ's mission of service for the rest of their lives."

Pax Christi (Latin for Peace of Christ) was established in France in 1945 through the inspiration of Marthe Dortel-Claudot and Bishop Pierre-Marie Théas. Both were French citizens interested in reconciliation between French and German citizens in the aftermath of World War II. Although Pax Christi initially began as a movement for French-German reconciliation, it expanded its focus and spread to other European countries in the 1950s and grew as a crusade of prayer for peace among all nations.

Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor. Considered one of the 20th Century's greatest humanitarians, she was canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.

Congratulations to James, Christina and Nathan!

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