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Congratulations to Athletes Receiving IHSA's Scholastic Achievement Recognition Award

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Montini Catholic congratulated 25 senior athletes and 31 junior athletes upon their recognition as IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award recipients. The IHSA annually recognizes 5th and 7th semester students who excelled in the classroom while participating in IHSA sponsored sports or activities.  

To qualify for the award, students must have completed at least one full season in an IHSA interscholastic activity in good standing.  They must also have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent on an alternate scale, after their 5th or 7th semester.

Senior athletes receiving 7th Semester academic recognition:

Nicholas Ashley, Reeghan Boyer, Joseph Calabrese, Luciana D'Anca, Brendan Dwyer, Joseph Fedinec, Michael Flannery, Mario Florio, Alexa Flynn, Ava Franklin, Guadalupe Herrmann, Alexis Holmes, Ryan Hubeny, Miguel Jaojoco, Ariana Joubert, Isabelle Juda, Audrey Kekstadt, Mary Ann Lah, James Milas, Kora Navarro, Nathaniel Nowak, Quincy Oyekanmi, Paige Pickering, James Stiso and Sawyer White

Junior athletes receiving 5th Semester academic recognition:

Jhett Acuna, Maya Alikpala, Alexa Bauman, Megan Blim, Nathan Camba, Emma Canty, Michael Crowley Jr., Luke Cushing, Thomas Cyze, Annabelle D'Anca, John DiSimone, Joseph Fandohan, Adam Garza, Mary Catherine Gaughan, Katherine Gertsen, Maren Hoovel, Isaiah Lusk, Andrew Miller, Thira Minauskas, Randi Moraga, Amanda Mrazek, Luke Pacelli,  William Prater, Sara Severin,   Alexander Silveyra, John Sipchen,  Kenneth Sledzinski, Joseph Spaccapaniccia, Grace Tierney, Jacob Velazquez  and Michael Wind 

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