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Congratulations to Our Class of 2025 Academic Scholarship Recipients


Montini Catholic is proudly recognizing fifteen freshmen from their Class of 2025. The students are recipients of the Lasallian college preparatory high school's Freshman Placement Exam Scholarships which are offered to incoming freshmen excelling on the Freshman Placement Exam (when taken at Montini Catholic).  "All prospective students are encouraged to take the exam at Montini in order to be eligible for the scholarships," informs Admissions Representative, Jennifer Long Kavanagh (a 1997 graduate of Montini Catholic).

Scholarships are awarded based on national percentile ranking of the placement exam scores:

• Students scoring between the 95th to 99th percentiles receive a $2,500 scholarship.
• Students scoring between the 90th to 94th percentiles receive a $1,500 scholarship.
• Students scoring between the 85th to 89th percentiles receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Mrs. Kavanagh explained that all awards are renewable as long as a student meets the renewable criteria each year.

Freshmen (Bronco Class of 2025) receiving a Montini Catholic Academic Scholarship are:

Payton Atkins
John Barrett
Annika Bartell
Liliana Cruz 
Julian D'Anca
Peyton Farrell
James Fitzpatrick
Isabella Jaojoco
Conor Kaefer 
Daniel Sherman 
Matthew Silveyra 
Paul Southern
Billy Tierney
Maddie Trapp
Christopher Zayed 

Congratulations to these Bronco students!


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