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  Grade School Families can join us for our open houses and virtual meetings. MORE
Grade School Families can join us for our open houses and virtual meetings.
We will be hosting 3 in-person Open Houses, 3 Virtual Meetings with Athletics, Student Activities and a general presentation and in-person meetings with our Athletic Coaches.

Congratulations to our Tri-M Music Honor Society Inductees


Montini Catholic held a Virtual Induction Ceremony welcoming the newest seventeen members of their Tri-M Music Honor Society on Tuesday, October 13th.  "We are so proud to have tripled the size of our chapter from eight members last year, to 25 this year," said Music Director Donnie Glowinski.   Members were mailed their certificates and pins.  "While it's not ideal to hold these inductions virtually, it was nice to celebrate with the chapter and bring a little formality to the group." 

The Tri-M Music Honor Society's (the three 'M' initials stand for Modern Music Masters) purpose is to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in the music students of secondary schools.

Candidates for membership are selected from school music students that exhibit exceptional scholarship, leadership, service, and character. They must have been enrolled in a school-sponsored music ensemble and/or class for at least one semester of the current school year and must have maintained for the previous semester at least an “A” average grade or equivalent in music, with at least a “B” average grade or equivalent in other academic subjects.  Service roles in both school and community as well as character are also considered when members are selected.

Montini Catholic extends a congratulations to all members of Montini Catholic's 20-21 Tri-M Music Honor Society:

Returning Tri-M Members:
President - Nora Sypkens
Vice President - Cydney Rand
Secretary - Justin Monroe
Treasurer - Heather Sledzinski
Julia Donaldson
Ali Geraci
Angela Maduzia
John McNamara

Newly Inducted Tri-M Members:
Devin Chiaramonti
Anjay Dhir
Sarah Ernat
Justin Gergen
Angelina Gomez
Ava Goree
Kassandra Gutierrez
Zena Jabir
Camille Jefferson
Justin Jones
Julia Moran
Mandy Mrazek
Nathan Nowak
Caleb Strohbeck
Jillian Todd
MacKenzie Wales
Yuhan (Iris) Xiao

Image above:  Top - Officers L to R:  President - Nora Sypkens; Vice President - Cydney Rand; Secretary - Justin Monroe; Treasurer - Heather Sledzinski Members L to R:  Devin Chiaramonti, Anjay Dhir, Julia Donaldson, Sarah Ernat, Ali Geraci, Justin Gergen, Angelina Gomez, Ava Goree, Kassandra Gutierrez, Zena Jabir, Camille Jefferson, Justin Jones, Angela Maduzia, John McNamara, Julia Moran, Mandy Mrazek, Nathan Nowak, Caleb Strohbeck, Jillian Todd, MacKenzie Wales and Yuhan (Iris) Xiao

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