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Dr. Misialek Celebrating 20 Years at Montini!

Larry_WEB1.jpgThis year, Montini Catholic is recognizing teacher, Lawrence Misialek, for his twenty (20) years of service as an instructor in the Lasallian college preparatory high school's Science Department.  Dr. Misialek began his career at Montini in the fall of 2001 teaching AP Biology.  He has since taught Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Anatomy & Physiology (a dual credit course sponsored by the College of DuPage). 

Dr. Misialek, earned his Bachelor's Degree from Lewis University in Romeoville.  It was at the University of Illinois in Springfield where he earned his Masters and from there he went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard.  He earned his teaching certification from Trinity International University in Deerfield.  Prior to Montini, he taught Visceral Anatomy at the University of Health Sciences, College of Dupage, Waubonsee Community College and Elgin Community College.  He currently teaches (part time) at Waubonsee Community College and College of Dupage.

"Understanding must precede learning," says Misialek when asked about his teaching philosophy. "I believe students attend classes to gain understanding of the concepts of the course so that they can learn the course material more effectively." 

"Dr. Misialek is one of the smartest teachers I have ever had," said senior, Nicolas Fisch.  "I have had him for both my Biology and Anatomy classes, and he’s always excited when we ask him questions that he never fails to help us answer. I love his hands-on approach to teaching as well as all of the labs we design in his class."

Knowing that he has made a difference in the lives of his students is the aspect that he finds most rewarding as a teacher.  He recalls a time when one of his Anatomy students, whose goal was to become a doctor, had been hospitalized for hydrocephalus (an abnormal buildup of fluid in the ventricles (cavities) within the brain).  "He told me that the doctors who were treating him asked him what college he attended since he was able to converse with them using all of the correct terminology," said Misialek.  "He told me they were astonished to find out he was just a senior in high school!"

Although the 2020 world of covid has presented a huge challenge to teachers nationwide, Dr. Misialek has taken advantage of the situation by finding new ways to connect with his students who are learning from home.*   "I have learned how to teach effectively in a flipped classroom environment," he said.  "It is a very different world, but we're having very productive class sessions both in person and virtually."

"Congratulations to Dr. Misialek on his twenty years at Montini!  There are those people in a school who make it an enjoyable place to be each day. Dr. Misialek is one of those people," said Principal Kevin Beirne.  "His boundless positive energy and passion for science are infectious. I've no doubt there are countless young people who were inspired in his science classes over these past 20 years who have gone on to great success in the field."

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