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"Holy Darkness" (Fall Play) Opens This Weekend


Montini Catholic is proud to announce the opening of their highly anticipated fall play, 'Holy Darkness' this Thursday (November 11th).  The play will run through Sunday, November 14th.

Thursday, November 11th @ 6:00 pm
Friday, November 12th @ 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 13th @ 7:00 pm
Sunday, November 14th @11:00 am

The play was written (in 2019) and directed by Montini Catholic Theology teacher and Theatre Director, Mr. Kenn Cramer who is very excited to see his insightful endeavor come alive on the Montini stage.  He has been directing high school plays for five years.

"The play is essentially a coming-of-age tale that focus​es​ on a teenager’s journey to faith after a tragic event has left him feeling hopeless and los​t," explains Kenn.  "The main theme rests in the idea that in order to impart true forgiveness you must embrace the “darkness” of not knowing where that will take you. In the words of St. John of the Cross, ​'in order for one to be sure of the path they are walking, they must take ​a ​step in the darkness and trust.​' "​

The play was initially inspired by the ​lack of ​"​good Catholic theatre.​"​ ​"​​​I did not want to do theatre for theatre’s sake. I wanted theatre to be a tool for evangelization, a way to teach kids how to grow deeper in their understanding of the human condition. Through their understanding of that​,​ I hoped it would be a vehicle to lead them to growing closer to themselves and to God. So​,​ because I couldn’t find anything that was modern and had a good Catholic message, I thought I should just write my own. The play is part​l​y inspired by my own life as a teenager, partly inspired by the lives of the students I was teaching at the time, partly by a favorite book I read as a young man and partly by the lives of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila.​"​

​"​I hope the audience leaves with a profound sense of God’s love for them. I hope they leave feeling resolved to impart forgiveness to anyone in their lives ​who needs forgiveness, including themselves. I hope they leave with a profound sense of the beauty of existence, particularly the beauty to be found in the darkness of life…. remember light is most beautiful when it is surrounded by darkness…think the stars, fire, candlelight, Christmas lights.​"​

Kenn has been honored to work with a group of talented young Bronco actors, many of whom are returning from last year's fall production of George Orwell's '1984.'  This was the first time most of them had performed in such a serious production on the Montini stage - but an experience that allowed them to grow as performers.  "​I hope that the Holy Spirit will allow each of the actors, through the playing of their character​,​ to peer ever more deeply into the complexity of life, human emotion and the mystery of God. I hope they leave understanding themselves better, and I hope they come to love the mystery of God a little bit more.​"​

Just like with '1984' - Kenn loves the challenge of directing young talent.  He credits his previous career as a Catholic psychotherapist with helping him to teach dramatic acting to students.  "There’s a reason they are not professionals yet, you must do a lot more coaching with high school theatre, simply because they do not have a vast amount of life experience to draw from. They are just now learning how to deal with their own emotions, let alone the emotions of others. But I’m not afraid to challenge my students, to work with what they have in order to get them to grow in empathy and understanding.  Because of my passion for drama, it is a sheer joy for me to teach the kids. I would find it more difficult directing theater that has no deep human value."

​This will be Kenn's second time directing 'Holy Darkness.'  "The first time ​(directing it) ​with the revisions I made after the first experience​," he says.  "The story of the first production of ​'Holy Darkness​' will be the main muse for my next play​,​ 'The Purple Balloon​,' which I hope to direct at Montini in the next couple of years.

​With the holidays around the corner, 'Holy Darkness' hopes to provide a spiritual segue for all who may be searching for faith through forgiveness.  Montini Catholic students, families and friends are invited to visit: to purchase tickets.

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