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Students Take on Faculty in Ultimate Frisbee Showdown


Wednesday, September 4th - 9th Period - the time claimed for Montini Catholic's Student-Faculty Ultimate Frisbee Showdown.  The challenge was spearheaded by one of the Lasallian High School's newest faculty members, Mr. Frank Vosicky '14.  Vosicky, who joined Montini's Physical Education Department in August, wanted to add a little variety to his 9th period class - while putting his students' frisbee skills to the test.  He rounded up available faculty members (those without a classroom during the period) and the game was afoot.  Several backhands, blades and bombs later (and a few pulled muscles), Bronco frisbee history was made.  The final score 20-19 was 'subject to interpretation' - with both sides leaving the court claiming victory. (Above - Principal Kevin Beirne and senior Emmett Flaherty)

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