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Junior Skye Houston Named Student of the Month for January


Montini Catholic High School in Lombard is proud to announce junior Skye Houston  (Bellwood) as their January Student of the Month.  Skye was nominated by Assistant Campus Minister, Mrs. Katie Miller, for her exceptional leadership within Montini's Peer Ministry Team.

"Skye has truly demonstrated exceptional leadership on Montini Catholic's Peer Ministry Team," said Ms. Miller.  "She has gone above and beyond to help with our programs. She is also a great example for her peers and remains a strong and responsible leader in the halls and in the classroom."

Montini Catholic's Peer Ministry is a faith-based ministry group whose mission is to inspire and motivate by example and to encourage students to engage in faith-based activities at the school and in their communities.  

Skye was quite surprised and thrilled to hear the news of this honor - one that only a few students at Montini are selected for each school year.  "I joined (Peer Ministry) because I was interested in helping out the students of Montini and taking on a leadership role," says Skye.  "I like how this team is always willing to help no matter what it is . I like how everyone has the same goal which is to help out others who need it and to guide our underclassmen."  

"We want to increase opportunities for students to grow in their faith," explained Ms. Miller.  "Providing opportunities led by the students, themselves, make these opportunities more meaningful and desirable.  Skye is a member of our Core Leadership Team, and we are so impressed with her dedication to the team as well as her amazing leadership qualities."

Sky finds great importance in the ministry's presence at Montini.  "It brings a new way to grow closer to God in ways you wouldn’t think possible.  I encourage everyone to join with an open mind and the willingness to try new things." Skye has become a very involved student during her time as a Bronco.  She contributes to the Bronco Breakdown, Montini's digital newsletter and is a member of the Montini Maniacs (spirit club).  She is also a member of the Book and Spanish Clubs and the Bronco Softball Team.  Most recently Skye reignited Montini's Baking Club and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with as a leader and right-hand woman to club moderator, Ms. Alexxis Johnson.    

"Skye is a great pick for Student of the Month.  She is a remarkable leader," said President Jim Segredo.  "We are so lucky to have a student with her 'get out there and do it' as a member of our Peer Ministry Team.  She truly inspires by action and her enthusiasm for leadership will take her far here at Montini Catholic - and in life beyond our doors!  Congratulations and well done, Skye!"

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