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Peer Ministers Launch Freshmen Mentorship Program


Montini Catholic is proud to have launched our new Freshmen Mentorship Program which is facilitated by our Peer Ministry Team - a faith-based ministry group whose mission is to inspire and motivate by example and to encourage students to engage in faith-based activities at Montini and in their communities.

The goal for the Freshmen Mentorship Program is to provide freshmen with encouragement and support as they transition to high school as newest members of the Bronco community.  "We want to welcome them and provide them with a mentor to help navigate through the numerous difficulties that come with beginning a new school, especially when it's high school," said Campus Minister Michael Blanchette.  The Peer Ministers were assigned to lead a small group of freshmen.  "They will be with the same group of students all year, so that they can bond and get to know them and journey alongsidethem throughout the school year."

On Thursday and Friday (September 24th and 25th), the groups officially got together for the first time.  They plan to do this type of activity at least once a quarter throughout the year during Freshman Theology classes.   Prior to the beginning of the school year, Peer Ministers were already reaching out to their groups via email, text and facetime at least once a month.  "We want them to be a constant source of information and support," informed Blanchette.  During this first session, the mentors brought up specific 'ice-breaker' topics for discussion and freshmen were given the chance to get to know one another better and ask questions if desired.  "Our ministers will also give witness talks and lead team building activities throughout the year," added Blanchette.  He noted that many students admitted that they would have enjoyed more time with their groups, which, to him, is a good sign that the students are already engaged with the program. "We really hope this is a positive experience for our freshman . . . and for our Peer Ministers as well."

Mr. Blanchette is confident that the mentorship program will benefit the school community as a whole.  "We are a family oriented community.  The freshmen look up to the Peer Ministers as older brothers/sisters," he said.  "While at the same time, our Peer Ministers are being challenged to grow their leadership skills and to become inspirations within their school and local communities."

The Peer Ministers will also take on leadership roles during Montini Catholic's much anticipated, annual Freshman Retreat Day which will take place during the school's second semester this year.

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