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Photography Students Visit the Arboretum


Montini Catholic photography students got a unique opportunity to put their skills to the test when they photographed the beauty of fall colors at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle on Wednesday, October 23rd. Students strolled along the vibrant paths and captured some amazing images. "Photos from this trip will become part of the student's final portfolio along with their work from other projects throughout the semester," said photography instructor, Mrs. Dina Kwit.  "The kids really appreciated the opportunity to use the Arboretum as a living classroom for their subjects!"
The young photographers captured photos of birds, squirrels and a couple of trolls. (The trolls are a part of the Arboretum's current Troll Hunt exhibit featuring six colossal trolls crafted from wood by Danish artist, Thomas Dambo.) "Next week they will be fine tuning their best photographs and selecting images to include as part of their semester work," added Kwit.  "They will also be working with Adobe Photoshop and creating unique works of art with some of these images."
"This field trip captured the uniqueness of nature and how every day is different," said senior Christina Schieman.  "The rainy and cloudy weather gave us the opportunity to capture amazing pictures of wildlife and rain drops on freshly fallen leaves. I really loved this experience because I got to express my creativity outside of the classroom!"  "It's always a surprise seeing what the students create and it's one of my favorite things about teaching photography," said Kwit.  "They have amazing eyes for creating unique works of art. This class in particular has really taken their ideas to the next level!"

Photo above: l to r - Joe Roberts, Maria Hemmersmeier, Christina Schieman, Megan Bauhs, Matt Hejny, Casey Ohm and Elyse Spaccapaniccia

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