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Preparing for Turnabout Week!


Students are busy preparing for a nostalgic Turnabout Week during the week of February 18 through the 22nd!  This year's theme - 'Turn It Back Turnabout' has them busy creating decor and props from days gone by while raiding their parents'/grandparents' closets for theme related fashions.   "Tuesday is 60s Day and Thursday will be 70s themed," said Montini's Director of Student Government, Ms. Megan Steiner.  "Each class was designated an era to represent on Friday - so on this day they'll come dressed for their decade."  (Freshmen, 50s; Sophomores, 00's; Juniors, 90s, and Seniors, 80s).  Ms. Steiner and her Student Government representatives are also hosting a Hall Decorating Contest between the grades.

Mid-week, on Wednesday (February 19th), the Broncos will welcome potential future Broncos for the school's annual 7th Grade Step-Up Day with an energetic pep rally rounding out the day.

Turnabout Week ends with the Turnabout Dance on Saturday, February 22nd.

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