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Senior Accumulates Over $1,000,000 in Scholarship Offers


Montini Catholic is proudly recognizing senior Patrick Peters from their Class of 2020.  Patrick, a graduate of Everest Academy in Homer Glen, has already accumulated over $1,000,000 in scholarship offers so far in his quest for college offers.  The recognition comes at the beginning of "scholarship season" as seniors begin hearing back from colleges and universities regarding acceptances and financial  opportunities.

Patrick has recently committed to Benedictine College in Kansas where he plans on pursuing a career in Computer Science.  "My dad designs and maintains applications and I believe we think in similar ways, so I believe I might also be good in that field," he informed.  "I also think it is a very interesting major, as you can do a ton of things with it. This is very exciting to me, as in the future I could have a job that doesn’t even exist yet!"

He is looking forward to the experiences of becoming more responsible and meeting new people in college.  "I’m excited to make more friends, hopefully for life, and interact with other people who are different than anyone I’ve known before. I’m also excited to begin taking on more responsibility for myself and being able to handle my own decisions."

"Montini has taught me important skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics," said Patrick, who was just recently named an Illinois State Scholar.  "However, Montini has not only taught me things relating to education, it has taught me things relating to life. The interactions with teachers and students here have taught me social skills, the classes and workload have taught me important time management skills, and the theological classes and great people here have taught me about the importance of morality and being a good person."

Patrick has been an inspiration to his fellow teammates this year, as captain of the Varsity Football Team.  In the fall, he was awarded the Bumber's Locker Award for having the characteristics which earned him great respect from teammates and coaches, among them, a strong work ethic and humble demeanor.  In addition, he was selected for the Johnny Weiger Spirit of 76 Award for the same qualities.  "Coach Bu inspired me through his mentorship of me in the football program. He really emphasized the importance of hard work, and I’ve incorporated these teachings into every aspect of my life," said Patrick.  "He taught me how the key to success is working hard and having integrity in everything you do, from the football field, to the classroom, to any social environment you might be in - I will take this with me."

When asked what advice he would give others who will be faced with the college process in the near future, Patrick had a few words of wisdom.  "The college scholarship process is when all of your hard work pays off. Colleges don’t just care about you as a statistic, but as a person. Everything is considered: from grades and test scores, to work ethic and character. If you lack in one area, it does not mean you won’t get into college. Remember to highlight what is special about you. Don’t be afraid to brag. I don’t like talking about myself, but something I’ve learned in the process is you can’t be afraid to talk about yourself in a positive way, because if you are going to be accepted, colleges need to hear the things about you that make you special."

"Patrick has received an impressive amount of offers this early in the season," said Principal Kevin Beirne.  "We are very excited about what the next few months will bring in scholarship offers for all of our soon to be graduates."

Last year seniors at Montini Catholic accumulated over $15,000,000 in academic scholarship offers which brought the total from the past three graduating classes to almost $50,000,000 in academic scholarship offers to Montini Broncos.

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