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Senior Victoria Badillo Receives the John Nania Scholarship!


Montini Catholic congratulates senior Victoria Badillo for being the 2020 recipient of the John Nania Scholarship. The scholarship was established by the employees of Nania Energy, Inc. to honor Montini alumnus, John Nania '79.   Students from Montini's Class of 2021 who were interested in applying for the $1,000 scholarship were asked to submit an essay, last spring, speaking to his/her interest in starting/owning a business.  They were also asked to include how he/she planned on giving back to their community as a business person.

Victoria, a graduate of Herrick Middle School in Downers Grove, has set her sights on attending law school and viewed the Nania Scholarship as her first step toward achieving that goal.  It was a friend, and her family's law firm, who initially inspired Victoria to pursue a career in law.  "I have looked into many colleges and I have narrowed it down to three colleges that I would like to attend," she said.  "These are the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, St. Thomas University, and Valparaiso University."

She has already been offered an internship with Catie Kopko at McBreen & Kopko during her summers.  "Their specialties are malpractice lawsuits, governmental relations, municipal law, and social security litigations for disabilities."  After college, Victoria hopes that she can transition into  a full time attorney for McBreen & Kopko.  "Hopefully I am successful enough to eventually be a partner to the firm or branch out and open up my own!"

Victoria also sees her success as an opportunity to give back to society by defending cases of people who are disabled or might not have funds to hire attorneys.  "Helping those underprivileged would give me a great sense of gratification and purpose. As a lawyer, my drive will be limitless!"  Victoria's parents are very happy with my decision to get a law degree.  "I will be the first lawyer in our immediate family," she said.  "If things go well, maybe I can open up my own law firm and I would call it 'The Badillo Law Firm!'"

"I am so proud of Victoria and her aspirations," said President Jim Segredo.  "I can't think of anyone more deserving of the John Nania Scholarship.  We have no doubt that she can accomplish whatever she sets out to, and we are looking forward to hearing all about her journey to become a lawyer."

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