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Senior Zena Jabir Named Artist of the Month for December

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Montini Catholic congratulates senior Zena Jabir for being named Bronco Artist of the Month for December.  Zena most recently wrapped up her work as set crew member in the school's Fall Play, George Orwell's "1984," and as a band member contributing to the school's first ever virtually recorded Christmas album ("Virtually in Sync").  She was selected for the honor by Music Director, Mr. Donnie Glowinski.  "Zena works hard every single day, sometimes learning multiple parts to songs in Band," said Glowinski upon her nomination.  "She recently became a member of Tri M (Music Honor Society) and also works on the set crew for the Fall Play.  Zena has really embraced her leadership roles her senior year and shows that with hard work and determination, anyone can make great music!"

"I honestly was not expecting this at all," said Zena when she was informed of the honor.  She lends to the Montini Band by playing the alto and baritone saxophone and has been honing her musical skills since the 6th grade at Ira Jones Middle School.   "I've just been trying to do my best to get through the semester just like everyone else, so this wasn't really on my radar, but I'm honored that I was chosen!" 

"I love that we get to play so many different types of music in Band, and we get to connect with so many different groups of people whether that be through concerts or, in the case of this year, our (virtual) Christmas album," she says.   She decided to expand her horizons and explore her interest in theater production by joining Montini's set crew during her sophomore year.  "My favorite thing about being in set crew and theater in general is the family dynamic that we have created, especially this year," says Zena.  "We all bond through this love that we have of theater and making art together, and we all support each other in everything we do."

She is quite proud of the job that she and her set crew team were able to accomplish this year with the fall play.  "This production has obviously been very different than other productions I've been a part of at Montini.  We  had to adapt to a few new situations including the pandemic and a new director, but we were still able to put on an amazing show which I am very proud of all of us!  I was also able to be in more of a leadership position in theater this year which has taught me a ton about how to direct and work with actors, and I hope I will be able to translate those new skills into other parts of my life."

She credits Theater Director, Mr. Kenn Cramer for his fantastic job taking over the Fall Play production this year in the midst of a pandemic.  "He has taught all of us in the theater program so much about acting and theater in general, and he has helped us put on one of the best shows Montini has ever had. I'm very grateful that we have a director as caring and passionate about theater as he is."
Zena can't say enough by way of praise regarding Music Teacher, Mr. Glowinski.  "Over the year and a half that I've been able to work with Mr. Glowinski, he has helped me grow in my music ability tremendously. With his help, I've developed so much more confidence in my playing, and I've been able to gain lots of experience playing many different types of music. Mr. Glowinski has made band class one of the highlights of my day because of his positive attitude and passion for music and teaching!"

Zena has felt very inspired by the friends she has created by being a member of set crew over the past three years.   "The actors, set crew, and Mr. Cramer all work so hard in theater as well as academics to be the best people they can be, and they motivate me to do the same.

Zena is a member of Montini's Student Government and Spanish Club.  She is also a member of the National Honor Society.  Athletically, she is a member of the Bronco Lacrosse team, and hopes to be able to participate in a season this spring/summer.   She plans on exploring her passion for music and theater further as she experiences new beginnings in college next fall. 

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