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Spanish Teacher, Nora Kinney, Celebrates 20 Years of Lasallian Education


Montini Catholic High School in Lombard is congratulating Spanish teacher, Mrs Nora Kinney, on her 20 years teaching at the Lasallian College Preparatory High School.

Kinney began her pursuit of teaching upon beginning her college career in Mexico City, majoring in Education and minoring in Social Studies.  It was in the United States where she earned her Masters (majoring in Curriculum and Instruction).  Since then, she has proudly taught all levels from kindergarten to college.

"After a year working at Naperville North High School, while getting my credentials validated, I learned of a vacancy at Montini Catholic," said Mrs. Kinney.  "What attracted me the most to Montini was the size of the school.  I didn't want to be considered just another “number” on the faculty roster.  I had a very optimistic feeling after interviewing with Principal (now President) Jim Segredo and Mona Yaghmour, Language Department Head (at the time)."

In teaching Spanish to high schoolers, Kinney possesses the desire to instill in all her students the desire for expanding their horizons by knowing different cultures and languages.  "Of course, as high schoolers, sometimes they have other priorities," she concedes, "But, I consider this a challenge and work harder to get through."

She is honored to have experienced many rewarding moments as a teacher at Montini.  "It's great when a student finally understands a concept and when they come back to visit after graduation or send an email saying 'hello!'  I love getting a 'thank you' for my teaching, and when you run into them somewhere else and they go out of their way to say 'hi!'"

In her free time, Nora enjoys biking and creating dioramas.  It's her passion for teaching, however, that drove her to the Montini classroom and, when pressed, she can't think of any other profession she would rather be in.  "I've always wanted to be a teacher!  As some students said to me once, 'To the teacher who is passionate about sharing her culture and language with the students,' - this pretty much defines me."

"Nora has contributed greatly to the success of Montini's World Language Department," said President Jim Segredo.  "She has a passion for teaching which is very apparent in her classrooms. We wish her a happy 20th anniversary and thank her for her years of service to our Lasallian mission of touching the hearts and minds of our students."

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