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We're Thankful for Our 'Bronco Legacy' Students 2021-22


Montini Catholic, a college preparatory high school in Lombard, was proud to gather a unique group of students prior to the end of the school year for what has become an annual photo.  The group represent what Montini Catholic endearingly defines as their "Legacy Students" - students of alumni parents who once walked the halls of the Catholic school.  This year fifty-two (52) children of alumni are carrying on their parents' legacy.  The number represents over 10% of the school's total student body. Montini Catholic's 2021-22 Legacy Students:

Montini Catholic's 2021-22 Legacy Students:

David Ahern ‘24 (Julie (Simms) Ahern ‘90)
Collin Angelakos ‘24 (William Angelakos ‘92)
Katelyn Bell ‘25 (Patrick Bell ‘96)
Megan Blim ‘23 (Kelly (Kramer) Blim ‘86)
Jamie Bukovsky ‘23 (Kim (Gary) Bukovsky ’88 and Jeff Bukovsky ‘88)
Cassius Campbell ‘24 (Trisha (Engel) Campbell ‘93)
Megan Canty ‘22 (Amy Caveney ’94 and Mark Canty ‘94)
Emma Canty ‘23 (Amy Caveney ’94 and Mark Canty ‘94)
Colleen Considine ‘24 (Michael Considine ‘86)
Peter Considine ‘25 (Michael Considine ‘86)
William Crosse ‘25 (Deana (Flerlage) Crosse ’87 and Michael Crosse ‘87)
Annalee DeFeo ‘25 (Laura (LaMontagna) DeFeo ’and Michael DeFeo ‘93)
Haley Doucet ‘23 (Melissa (Bonomo) Doucet ‘94)
Marin Ferris ‘24 (Shannon (Ferris) O’Connor ‘93)
Nolan Ferris ‘25 (Shannon (Ferris) O’Connor ‘93)
James Fitzpatrick ‘25 (Michael Fitzpatrick ‘88)
Ruben Galvan ‘24 (Enrico Mazzei ’85, step-father)
Erin Grimsley ‘24 (Leonard Grimsley ‘85)
Ryan Hubeny ‘22 (Katie (Doll) Hubeny ’96 and James Hubeny ‘96)
Sean Hubeny ‘25 (Katie (Doll) Hubeny ’96 and James Hubeny ‘96)
Nick Irion ‘25 (Dave Irion ‘88)
Vince Irion ‘25 (Dave Irion ‘88)
Madalyn Kasallis ‘22 (Kimberly (Kasallis) Kellogg ‘85)
Vincent Knudtson ‘25 (Lia (Badalamenti) Knudtson ‘89)
Mary Ann Lah ‘22 (Susan (Jaros) Lah ‘92)
Jamie Loftus ‘25 (Christina (Connelly) Loftus ‘86)
Olivia Mateja ‘24 (Jim Reed ’99, step-dad)
Thomas McManus ‘22 (Christine (O’Neill) McManus ‘88)
John McNamara ‘22 (Bridget (Moriarty) McNamara ’86 and Bryan McNamara ‘86)
Andrew Miller ‘23 (Laura (Gradishar) Miller ‘86)
Zander Montgomery ‘24 (Cheryl (Jenkover) Montgomery ’84 and Daniel Montgomery ‘82)
Julia Moran ‘22 (William Moran ‘82)
Charles Nielsen ‘22 (Maureen (O’Neill) Nielsen ‘87)
Margaret Nielsen ‘25 (Maureen (O’Neill) Nielsen ‘87)
Nathaniel Nowak ‘22 (Melinda (Bayro) Nowak ‘89)
Rory O’Connor ‘24 )Michelle (Ptak) O’Connor ’88 and Patrick O’Connor ‘81)
Cillian O’Flaherty ‘22 (Peggy (Batten) O’Flaherty ‘87)
Liaden O’Flaherty ‘23 (Peggy (Batten) O’Flaherty ‘87)
Evan Peska ‘22 (Catherine (Murphy) Peska ‘86)
Kathryn Peters ‘22 (Carrie (Fricano) Peters ‘86)
Samuel Rovansek ‘23 (Chris Rovansek ‘88)
Sam Ruddy ‘23 (Brian Ruddy ‘88)
Tanner Sebben ‘24 (Patricia (Gary) Sebben ‘90)
Ava Sebben ‘25 (Patricia (Gary) Sebben ‘90)
Aerin Sidler ‘22 (Norman Sidler ‘87)
Kyle Sidler ‘25 (Norman Sidler ‘87)
Joseph Spaccapaniccia ‘23 (John Spaccapaniccia ‘89)
Lily Spanos ‘25 (Shannon (Herold) Spanos ‘99)
Lillian Townsend ‘23 (Carol (Picker) Townsend ’86 and Bill Townsend ‘86)
Vivien Viau ‘23 (Geraldine (Dulkoski) Viau ‘87)
Aine Watters ‘23 (Heather (Eagan) Watters ‘89)
Collins Whitfield ‘25 (Katherine (Janko) Whitfield ‘00 and Collins Whitfield ‘00)

"We are always so pleased when Montini alumni return as Montini parents and continue the Montini Catholic legacy," said Alumni Director, Katie (Doll) Hubeny '96. "Family is important at Montini Catholic, which is one of the reasons Montini and the legacy of Montini is so special. A Montini LaSallian education is something to be treasured and we love to see that passed down to younger members of the family."

‚ÄčImage above:

Front row l to r:  Ryan Hubeny, Erin Grimsley, Marin Ferris, Lily Spanos, Margaret Nielsen, Mary Ann Lah, ‚ÄčAnnalee DeFeo, Megan Canty, Sean Hubeny, Jamie Loftus, Nick Irion;

Second row l to r:  Zander Montgomery, Katelyn Bell, Megan Blim, Colleen Considine, Jamie Bukovsky, Haley Doucet, Emma Canty, Aerin Sidler, Aine Watters, Lillian Townsend, Ruben Galvan;

Third row l to r:  Collins Whitfield, Nolan Ferris, Rory O'Connor, Liaden O'Flaherty, Olivia Mateja, Vivian Viau, Katie Peters, Julia Moran, Vince Irion, Madalyn Kasallis

Fourth row l to r:  Peter Considine, Vincent Knudtson, William Crosse, John McNamara, Cassius Campbell, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Samuel Rovansek, Evan Peska, Thomas McManus, David Ahren, Cillian O'Flaherty, Joseph Spaccapaniccia, Nathaniel Nowak, Samuel Ruddy and Andrew Miller;

Not pictured: 

Collin Angelakos ‘24
Charles Nielsen ‘22
Tanner Sebben ‘24
Ava Sebben ‘25
Kyle Sidler ‘25

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