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World Religion Students Step Outside the Classroom


World Religions Classes, under the guidance of teacher and Assistant Campus Minister, Mrs. Kelly Davis, stepped outside the classroom on Monday, October 28th, to visit the Etz Chaim Jewish Synagogue in Lombard and the BAPS Hindu Temple in Bartlett.

"My students were able to see the worship spaces of these religions, ask questions about the religions and be immersed in the beliefs and customs of others," said Mrs. Davis, who wanted to spark curiosity in her students regarding how others worship.  "Engaging in perspectives and traditions of other religions helps us to make connections to our own faith," she said. "By gaining an understanding of what others believe we can appreciate the differences, but also come to realize the similarities we have."
Montini Catholic's Theology Department exists to help students arrive at a mature, living, and vital faith. The Theology program integrates the message of the Gospel of Jesus with the lifestyle of Montini students, communicates the significance of this message and gives students the tools to make the Gospel of Jesus a living reality in today's world.

Photo above:  Students at the BAPS Hindu Temple in Bartlett

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