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Locker Room Renovation Project

With the growth in enrollment and in the number of male sport teams, the school's original locker room space for students and coaches, designed in 1966 is no longer adequate.  This phase of the 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign will include a complete redesign and renovation of the boy's locker room facilities. 

Improvements and enhancements include:

  • New sports lockers
  • New PE lockers
  • Renovation of the Varsity Locker Room
  • Renovation of the PE Locker Room
  • Renovation of the Coaches' Office and Locker Room
  • Renovation of the Shower Room
  • Renovation of the Training Room & Trainer's Office 

Rendering of the Boy's Locker Room

The cost to renovate the Boy's Locker Room is $250,000.  Naming rights are available for the following:

  • Varsity Locker Room - $75,000
  • PE Locker Room- $75,000
  • Coaches' Office - $50,000
  • Coaches' Locker Room - $25,000
  • Training Room/Office - $25,000 

Additionally, a $1,000 donation will provide one Varsity Locker and a $500 donation will provide one PE Locker.

"A school is a community of believers working together to achieve a shared vision."
St. John Baptist de LaSalle


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