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Wednesday, December 6
Posted 12/06/2017 11:33AM

Your Hour of Code word-for-the-day is: Syntax. The syntax of a computer language is the set of rules that defines the combinations of symbols that are considered to be a correctly structured document or fragment in that language. Spoken languages have syntax too. Spanish, Mandarin, French, Latin, you name it, all languages have syntax. Computers don't have human intelligence, so syntax has to be followed very strictly when coding. If someone makes a minor Yoda-style syntax error while speaking to a human in English, "Mmm, Hungry I am." We know they mean, "I am hungry." A computer on the other hand can't handle even the most minor syntax errors in a language like Java or C++. When you are just getting started in coding you will find that many of your errors end up being caused by missing or misplaced single characters like semi-colons, brackets, or commas. Finished this message is! Code for an Hour, you should!

Who wants to be a little bit happier?

Who wants a little more peace of mind?

Who wants to feel like they've been set free?

If your answer was "ME", "ME", "ME", then come to the place where it can actually happen: come to CONFESSION. This Sacrament of God's Mercy and Forgiveness will be available TODAY, in our CHAPEL during all lunch periods. What a great way to give your Advent the boost it needs! What's to think about?!! You don't even need an appointment! Just come and experience His goodness! He's waiting for you. (Caruso)

Who wants to help the Lord? Who wants to do God's work? Well, of course, it's THE GOD SQUAD!! "God Squad, God Squad, calling all members of the God Squad." We need to put our shoulders to the grindstone FRIDAY, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to help set up the Lord's Kingdom here in the Montini gym. Come one, come all – it's inconceivable how good you'll feel after you help out!!!! See you at 7AM -- Remember, Jesus loves you!

Attention all students: Students are reminded of the following school policies:

#1) Parking lot: The parking lot area is clearly marked with a 10 mile per hour speed limit, with a one way entrance and exit. The parking lot may not be used for any other activity than vehicle parking, entering, and exiting. Speeding, ball playing, loud or boisterous behavior, and loitering are not allowed. Students in violation of these policies will be subject to disciplinary actions.

#2) Ipads in the lunchrooms: Ipads are not allowed in the lunchrooms. Please DO NOT bring your Ipads to the lunch periods. Hiding Ipads in folders, under the tables, or under your chairs is not allowed. Students in violation of this policy will automatically receive a 1-hour detention.

Calling all singers, dancers, and actors! Want to be a star? Audition for the spring musical "The Boy Friend" and make your dreams come true! No experience needed, don't be scared, just show up in the auditorium tomorrow at 2:00 for auditions. All are welcome, the process is easy, and we welcome new people! Join the fun and be a star! Dr. Di

Homeroom teachers who have an adopted family, please send a student to 212 during Homeroom for a box of candy canes for your family. Dr. Di

Attention: Film Club will meet today for a brief meeting at 3:15 in room 205!

Baking Club: Our next baking club meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 12 in De La Salle Hall. If you would like to bake with us please drop off your $1 by Monday. See Mrs. Davis for more information.

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