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Friday, December 8
Posted 12/08/2017 08:23AM

Baking Club: Our next baking club meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 12 in DeLa Salle Hall. If you would like to bake with us please drop off your $1 by Monday. See Mrs. Davis for more information.

Your final Hour of Code word-of-the-day is: Yottabyte. The yottabyte is one of the largest units of measure currently used to describe the storage of digital information. A yottabyte is one septillion bytes. That's 10 to the 24th or a 1 with 24 zeros after it. How big is a yottabyte in real world terms? In 2010, it was estimated that storing a yottabyte using one-terabyte disk drives would require almost a billion city-block-size data-centers, covering an area the size of the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. By late 2016 memory density had increased to the point where a yottabyte could be stored on SD cards occupying roughly the size of three Empire State Buildings. One estimate created last year put the size of all the information stored on the Internet at 1.3 yottabytes. A yottabyte is a lotta bytes, but in the last two years progress has been made at encoding digital data in DNA to create the highest-density large-scale data storage scheme ever invented. One day soon it might be possible to store a yottabyte in a DNA storage unit the size of a refrigerator!

Lasallian Youth! We will be meeting today after school in Room 205. We'll see you there!

There will be a brief Spring Break Habitat for Humanity informational meeting next Wednesday, December 13 after school in Room 205. Space is limited, so be sure to make the meeting! See Mr. Block for more information.

ATENCION, ATENCION-All the Spanish Club and Honor Society members, we have our December meeting on Tuesday 12, right after school in room 104. Come celebrate with us una Feliz Navidad. See you there, Sra. Kinney y Sra. Castor

Anyone wanting to audition for the spring musical "The Boy Friend" please come to the music room after school today. We will sing and do scenes at 2:45. Everyone is welcome and the process is friendly. Please join us! Dr. Di

Attention Anyone interested in Playing BOYS Volleyball this coming Season-We will have an Open Gym today Friday Dec 8 from 3 to 4 PM in the Fieldhouse. (Volleyball-OPOKA)

All are invited to compete in Math League!! Please bring a pencil and a calculator to Room 307 anytime between 2:45 and 3:45. It will take about 30 minutes. You can come either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Attention All Students: Students are reminded of the following school policies:

#1) Parking Lot: The parking lot area is clearly marked with a 10 mile per hour speed limit, with a one way entrance and exit. The parking lot may not be used for any other activity than vehicle parking, entering, and exiting. Ball playing, loud or boisterous behavior, speeding, and loitering are not allowed. Students in violation of our parking lot rules are subject to disciplinary consequences.

#2) Ipads in the lunchroom: Ipads are not allowed in the cafeteria during the lunch periods. Please do NOT bring your ipad to lunch. Hiding your ipads in your folders, under your table, or under your chair is also not allowed. Students in violation of this policy will automatically receive a 1-hour detention.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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