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After 32 Years of Service, Principal Maryann O'Neill Announces Her Retirement
Posted 03/14/2018 02:00PM

Montini Catholic High School's Principal, Maryann O'Neill announced her retirement to students, staff and parents earlier this year. She will step down from her position at the end of the school year. "My decision to step down as Principal of Montini was a very difficult one," said Mrs. O'Neill to students and faculty, after a recent all school Mass. "For thirty-two years I have enjoyed waking up and coming to this school. But, I have always been a person that believes that change is good, healthy, productive and, it is now time for that change."

Mrs. O'Neill was hired in 1985 by the late Br. Joseph Boggio, FSC to develop and teach Computer Science and Math at Montini Catholic. "I was hired while one of the school's Brothers was on sabbatical to attain his Masters Degree," said O'Neill. "I committed to stay for two years and have been here ever since!" She has enjoyed her role as Principal of Montini Catholic for 14 years.

During her 32 years at Montini Catholic, O'Neill has taken on several roles. In addition to teaching, she has been a Technology Coordinator, Administrative Assistant to the Principal, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development and Assistant Principal. She also took on many responsibilities regarding extra-curricular activities such as Lasallian Youth Moderator, Retreat Director, Student Activities Moderator and National Honor Society Moderator. She also was a member of the Principal's Advisory Council, the Strategic Planning Committee and member of the Chair of the Academic Advisory Council.

In 2011, Mrs. O'Neill was presented with the Bishop Roger L. Kaffer Outstanding Principal Award for personifying the Catholic values and principles of school leadership.

When the the school celebrated its 50th Anniversary (during the 2015-16 school year), Mrs. O'Neill, who at the time was celebrating her 30th year at Montini, reflected on the observations of how the high school itself has changed over the years. "I have seen Montini grow from electric typewrites to iPads," she smiled. "Our curriculum has grown from one programming class to courses like Web Design, Digital Media and Robotics!" She also informed that "our service ministry program is now going global with teams going to Nicaragua to help homeless families." Under O'Neill's leadership, numerous improvements have been implemented including lap tops for all teachers and smart boards, white boards, projectors and software. She oversaw the installation of the first computer lab and created a computer department and curriculum. This was followed by a second lab, the computerization of the library, and internet access for all.
Throughout her 32 years at Montini, O'Neill has witnessed school history with the addition of a Math Wing, a Science Wing, a Campus Ministry Center, a Learning Resource Center, improved and expanded athletic fields including lights at Duffy Memorial Stadium, and a new 3-court Field House.

She lives the mission of the school's founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, 'To touch the hearts of students.' "I believe in our founder's charism and his desire that we act as family, as brothers and sisters in Christ," said O'Neill.

When asked to recall the most rewarding part of her job, O'Neill never fails to say that she relishes the emails, letters, calls and visits from past students who want to tell her about their careers and accomplishments since graduation. She even has a bulletin board in her office which displays many of the messages she receives from past students. "It is heart-warming to hear from our former students," she said. "I am also proud that many our alums have returned to work here at Montini as well."

"Maryann's dedication and service to the school is inspiring," said President Jim Segredo. "I am positive that I speak on behalf of the entire school community when I say that Montini Catholic wouldn't be the outstanding school it is today, without her faithfulness and loyalty. We have been so fortunate to have her among us for the past thirty-two years."

"It has truly been my honor and privilege to spend each day with the students, faculty and staff of Montini Catholic and to partner with such a supportive parent community," added Maryann. "Montini has been and always will be a very important part of my life. I would like to thank our parents as well as my colleagues for the trust and support they have given me and the students, past and present, who have shared their stories and taught me so many valuable lessons."

Mrs. O'Neill is looking forward to remaining at Montini as a member of the Administrative team and assisting with the transition.

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