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Junior, Kelan Scott, Accepted into Fermilab's 2018 Target Program
Posted 05/15/2018 10:31AM

Congratulations to junior, Kelan Scott, upon his acceptance into Fermilab's 2018 Target Program. "Hundreds of high school students apply for this opportunity and only a maximum of 25 are accepted each summer," said science teacher, Ms. Colleen Marks. "It's such a fabulous opportunity!"

The TARGET Program is a highly competitive, paid, six-week summer internship opportunity for Illinois high school sophomores and juniors who have strong interest and demonstrated aptitude for physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. The program's goals are to encourage high school students to undertake college study and pursue careers in STEM disciplines, and its design combines both work and hands-on experiential learning. Kelan will be attending the program from June 25th through August 3rd.

Kelan first learned about the unique Fermilab opportunity through a mentorship program he is involved in, called the I Am Abel Foundation. "The program is for young, future doctors," explained Kelan. "Students get the chance to have a doctor as their mentor throughout their educational years, up until the time they actually become doctors. My mentor mentioned this program to me and recommended I apply!"

"I have always been interested in the sciences, especially physics," said Kelan, who plans on majoring in kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements) and minoring in African American History. (His goal is to become a Cardiothoracic surgeon.) "I am excited to go into this Fermilab program - knowing that many of the scientific questions I have, can possibly be answered in one summer!"

Kelan will be very busy during his time at Fermilab. "In the mornings I will be working in the lab with the scientists, so I will basically become one of the staff members, helping out with experiments," he said. "In the afternoon I will be in a STEM class that is designed to teach interns more about the science part of the Fermilab."

A graduate of St. Mary of Gostyn School in Downers Grove, Kelan says his inspiration to explore the healthcare field came from his parents (Mark and Ne'woka Stitt-Scott) and siblings (brother Kemuel will be graduating from Montini this month). "Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to get into the healthcare field, but I wasn't so sure which specific field I wanted to go to. As I got older I was able to see all of the different paths of medicine that I could go in to, but surgery spoke out to me the most," he said. "My parents are really stoked about me going into this internship," he said. "They know that this is a great opportunity for me to get more experience in research, and can help me in my journey into the medical field."

Kelan has been a very active member of Monini's student body throughout his high school years. He played football for three years, wrestled for two and currently enjoys involvement in Student Government as well as participating in various community service projects as a member of the Lasallian Youth Club. He is also a member of the school's Film Club, Spanish Club as well as the National Honor Society, inducted this past fall.

In addition to looking forward to the education and adventure that awaits him at Fermilab this summer, Kelan is looking forward to his senior year at Montini and beyond. Congratulations, Kelan!

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