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Tuesday, Ssptember 4
Posted 09/04/2018 11:46AM

Who wants to serve the Church and the Montini community?! Mr. Block is now accepting forms for those who want to be Liturgical Ministers. You can sign up to be a reader, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, altar server, or help set up the gym for our liturgies. Your theology teachers will pass out the forms. If you are one of the many Juniors or Seniors who does not have a theology class this semester, come see Mr. Block in Room 205. Forms are due next Friday.

Atencion, atencion: all Spanish Club and Honor Society members, tomorrow Wednesday, September 5 we have our annual soccer match against the French Club and Honor Society. Come join us after school at the west lawn right after school. Our precious trophy is at stake. Will we retain it or will the French students take it away. Come tomorrow and we will find out! Go Bronco Spanish students!

Drama Club, we are meeting on the stage today after school to continue our service project. Please come for the fun and help with our Christmas project. Dr. Di

This Saturday we competed in the St. Ignatius Jim Connelly Invite out at Lewis University. Despite the rain that wanted to keep coming, we were able to get one big race in, so that they all had a chance to compete.

Leading our Broncos was Bella Reilley (13th), followed in quick succession by Katie Peters (15th) and Julianne Billotte (19th). They all finished within 30 seconds of each other and in the top 20. Heather Sledzinski (27th) came in next followed by our freshmen duo of Hailey Cabon (15th in frosh/soph) and Audrey Kekstadt (22nd in frosh/soph). Maddie Merker (37th), Diana Maimonis (30th in frosh/soph), Lianna Vego (46th), Emma Ciaccio (48th), Maggie Connelly (59th), Olivia Rovansek (39th in frosh/soph), and Swarnika Sampat (68th) followed that second pack. Congrats to everyone for working hard and making Montini Girls xc proud!

Auditions for the fall play will be Thurs at 3:15 in the auditorium. We will be doing Hooray for Hollywood. Everyone is welcome to audition and have fun in the theatre ensemble.

Dr. D


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