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Faculty Members Brave the Cold Waters in the Name of School Spirit
Posted 10/04/2018 12:22PM

Our Montini Maniacs, have been hard at work this fall sports season energizing an already resolute group of Bronco fans. The group, under the leadership of teacher (and Montini alumna), Ms. Megan Steiner '10, hosts 'game day kick-off rallies' outside the stadium before every home football game. Students gather for music, bags, food and fun before forming a line to cheer on the varsity football team as they make their walk to the field.

This year's Homecoming Game, marked the perfect time for an 'extreme' dose of energy when eleven bold (but beloved) faculty members (hesitantly) agreed to sacrifice their dignity (and better judgement) to brave the cold waters of a dunk tank - all in the name of school spirit.

"The dunk tank was actually Principal Beirne's idea," said Ms. Steiner. "And, when I brought it to the Montini Maniac leaders for their input, they were so excited!" Ms. Steiner put the word out to the faculty for 'victims' and was very thankful when teachers came forward to volunteer for the job. Prior to the big night, they each had their 'mug' shots taken and posters were hung around the school, encouraging all to come out and dunk their favorite teacher.

"As soon as I sat down on the ledge perched above the frigid water below, I regretted having suggested the dunk tank in the first place," said Mr. Beirne. "I felt pretty good about participating until I saw how many people were lined up to soak me. Nervousness set in when I looked into the steely, concentrated glare of the first student waiting to throw. It only got worse when I saw the sinister smile on the face of one of our teachers. I knew then that I would be wet and cold for quite some time!"

"Obviously, peer pressure is alive and well amongst the Montini faculty, since Head Coach/Gym Teacher-Extraordinaire Mike Bukovsky bullied me into doing this," said Theology teacher, Joseph Mordente. "But, as our good Lord said, 'Let not your hearts be troubled; have Faith in God and have Faith in Me.' So I did - and soaking wet was all I got."

"They (faculty victims) were great sports," said Ms. Steiner. "The water was freezing - and the students had a great time!"

"I'm all for building school spirit, I just hope next time it doesn't require me getting dunked into frigid water over and over again," said Mr. Beirne.

Ms. Steiner and the Montini Maniacs are looking forward to their last Game Day Kickoff Rally when the Broncos take on Brother Rice for Senior Night on October 19th!

Thanks to faculty members, Mr. Beirne, Mrs. Kuecker, Mr. Donlan, Mr. Krystof, Mr. Briggs, Mr. Mordente, Mr. Block, Ms. Steiner, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kwit and Mr. Weisenburger!

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