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Photography Students Find Colorful Inspiration at the Morton Arboretum
Posted 10/19/2018 05:17PM

This year, students have been given an opportunity to explore their creative side with the inception of the school's Photography Course, as one of its Fine Arts Program offerings.

This month, the photography students took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and found colorful inspiration at the Morton Arboretum. "The kids were excited to go somewhere that was so visually enticing to put the techniques they've been learning in class to good use, " said teacher, Mrs. Dina Kwit. "They are in the process of putting together digital portfolios of their work and these photos will make great additions to their projects."

Kwit strongly feels that the art of learning how to use a camera, in a manual sense is a underdeveloped skill. "Taking a photo with a phone is convenient and fun, but learning how to truly manipulate the composition and colors with a camera, in order to reveal the world as we see it, is a bit more challenging and rewarding."

The class has worked on other themed projects as well, involving fall colors, shutter speed manipulation, close-ups, textures, reflections and green screen photos, to name a few.

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