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Chemistry and Physical Science Students Learn the Ins and Outs of Polymers
Posted 11/02/2018 02:55PM

Chemistry and Physical Science students had the opportunity to participate in engaging demonstrations conducted by Mrs. Elizabeth Egan, representing PlastiVan® on October 17th. Mrs. Egan was invited by Montini's Science Department Chair, Mrs. Sandy Deiber. Through lively demonstrations and hands-on activities, the PlastiVan® Program is designed to excite students about opportunities in science and engineering within the plastics industry.

Montini students were educated about the chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, and sustainability of plastics and how the science and real-world applications relate to their everyday lives. They also took part in several fun activities involving polymers/plastics. (A polymer is simply a long chain of repeating molecules.)

PlastiVan® provides sound science and educational programs which spark scientific curiosity in students while increasing their knowledge of the contribution plastics make to modern life. The classroom presentations encourage students to seek careers in engineering.

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