Please review the following guidelines regarding Prom, then complete your ticket purchase below.  If you are bringing an outside guest, please complete this form and return to Mrs. Johnson.

Montini Catholic High School Prom 2022 Dance Dress and Conduct Code General Information:
1. All students and guests who plan to attend must arrive by 6:30 p.m. No one will be permitted to enter the event after the close of admission unless arrangements are made in advance with the Student Government Director.
2. Montini Catholic High School’s prom is a formal dinner and dance. Students may leave as early as 10:00 p.m. Students may not leave the dance and return for any reason.
3. Students and guests are expected to obey all school rules under penalty of consequences as listed in the Student Handbook. All school rules apply to the dance and post prom.
4. Individuals in possession of alcohol, drugs, vape, or tobacco products/paraphernalia may be detained, and parents will be notified. If a student or his/her guest is suspected of being under the influence, a breathalyzer test will be administered by a law enforcement official.

School Dance Dress Code:
Students’ appearance at dances and school sponsored social events should be modest and keeping with the Christian values of our community. When determining the appropriateness of dresses, please keep in mind that students will be dancing, moving around and sitting – not standing still. Students who arrive in violation of the dress code, as determined by event moderators, will be sent home.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when planning to attend a school event:
● Dresses must be no higher than two (2) in. below the student’s fingertips when standing straight.
● Dresses with excessive cutouts and/or plunging necklines are not allowed.
● See-through material is not permitted.
● Male students need to keep their shirts buttoned.

School Dance Behavior Code:
In an effort to create an environment that is comfortable for all students, dance attendees must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Students who engage in any inappropriate behavior will be removed from the dance floor the first time. If the behavior is noted a second time, the student will be asked to leave the dance. The school will notify the home of the student and request that the student be picked up. If large groups engage in such activities, it may be necessary to turn on the lights, stop the music or end the dance. We want to maintain a safe atmosphere conducive to everyone’s enjoyment.

The school administration and staff chaperones will use their best judgment to identify and stop inappropriate behavior listed below:
1. No crowd-surfing or holding others off the ground.
2. No kissing or other public displays of affection.
3. No “slamming,” “twerking,” “moshing,” or “grinding.”
4. Refrain from dancing that is sexually suggestive.
5. Hands must not be placed on the ground.
6. Bending over while dancing is not allowed.
7. Laying on the ground is prohibited.

Dance Agreement:
I am willing to abide by the Dance Dress and Conduct Code of Montini Catholic High School as indicated above. I understand that failure to do so could result in being removed from the dance. I understand that students acting suspiciously, as determined by administration, will need to use the breathalyzer administered by a professional.

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