Each day we begin the school day with communal prayer. Every class begins with prayer, always placing ourselves in the presence of our God. We celebrate Eucharist as a faith community throughout the school year. Since Word and Eucharist are at the center of our faith, we at Montini feel that is it important to celebrate as a community. Priests from our feeder parishes are invited to celebrate "for" and "with" us. This bridges the relationship the students have in their school with their home parishes.

2019-20 Mass/Prayer Service Schedule
August 30th - Mass of the Holy Spirit
September 23th - Homecoming Mass
November 1th - All Saints Mass
November 26th - Thanksgiving Prayer Service
December 13th - Advent Prayer Service
January 27th - Catholic Schools Week Mass
March 23rd - Regular Mass
April 9th - Holy Thursday Prayer Service
May 18th - Founders Day Prayer Service