Involvement is our student life program is a very important aspect of the well-rounded Montini Catholic college preparatory experience.  Participation in clubs, organizations, activities and events enriches the educational experience and is considered an extension of the classroom. 95% of Montini Catholic students participate in at least one extracurricular activity.

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Moderator: Mr. Don Glowinski
The Acafellas is a male choir group that performs at the Fall, Christmas, Winter and Spring Concerts.  The group seeks to enhance the musical enrichment and enjoyment of the members while introducing new genres of music to the students.

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Audio Club

Audio club is open to any student with an interest in sound and audio production for the various musical events at Montini Catholic including, masses, concerts, the Fall Play and Spring Musical.

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Book Club

Moderator: Ms. Sarah Pittenger
The Bronco Book Club discusses a monthly literary selection in a fun and relaxed setting, Students will choose novels alongside moderator based on thematic units.

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Moderator: William Dawes '13
Broadcasters serve as the voice of Montini Catholic students. Members of this club lead prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance each morning, and during homeroom. Students share the daily announcements and any breaking Montini news.

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Chinese Club

Moderator: Ms. Sumin Xu
The Chinese club seeks to motivate students' interest in learning Chinese, broaden students' horizons, exchange and share learning experiences, arrange culture related activities and events such as singing, dancing, playing games, films, holidays and food.  Students do not need to be in a Mandarin Class to be a member of this club.

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Computer Club

Moderator: Mr. Pete Farina '87
Computer Club meetings encourage students to explore, learn about, and share all things digital and technology-related. The Club is a place for students to share and develop their technology-related skills and interests while building community.

Computer Club meets most Wednesdays from 3:00pm - 5:00pm. The Club sponsors an annual Video Game Fest, a C2E2 trip and participates in Robotics and Engineering competitions. This year the club will learn to work with drones.

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Drama Club & Set Crew

Drama and set crew encourages & fosters creativity on the stage and behind it.  It allows students to learn and use skills in acting and technical theater. All students are welcome to join our projects, audition for the plays, and participate in set crew.  In addition to the Fall Play and Spring Musical, the Drama and Set Crew club assists the Adopt-a-Family Christmas Program by providing blankets for the families.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Moderator: Mr. Dave Walsh
FCA holds devotional sessions every other week to explore what it means to be a Christian Athlete in today’s society. We talk about how Christ needs to be at the core of everything. This club is about providing our student-athletes fellowship, motivation and spiritual support. Club meetings are held in the morning.

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Flight Club

Moderator: Mr. Pete Farina '87
Montini’s Flight Club is a place for students to learn how to build, maintain, and safely fly small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) such as multi-rotor copters and drones.  We have built small FPV (First Person View) drones for use with VR goggles and are currently working on building some racing drones for competitive drone racing. We also fly our camera drones to capture video and stills of Montini’s campus and special events.

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French Club

Moderator: Mrs. Beth DiMarco
French Club offers students to further explore the French language and culture outside of the classroom. French Club aims to keep students in touch with the target language, as well as with French customs, culture and traditions in order to broaden students’ horizons.

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Future Medical Professionals

Moderator: Dr. Larry Misialek
The Future Medical Professionals Club will engage students who show an interest in majoring in Science, pre-med and other health related concentrations.  The Club will expose students to the variety of careers within the medical profession and act as a guide for entering the workforce.

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LaSallian Youth

Moderator: Mr. Denis Block
To help students promote and understand the Lasallian values of To help students promote and understand the Lasallian values of faith, service, and community.  Students participate in weekly afternoon prayer services, Kick Off Ice Cream Social, International Lasallian Days for Peace, ILDP BBQ with fellow Lasallian schools, De La Salle, St. Pat's, and St. Joe's, Christmas Tree sales with YMCA in Lombard, Hot Chocolate Social, March for Life with Pro-Life Club, Spring into Action, Fun Fair and Science Fair at Spaulding Middle School.

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Math Club

Moderator: Mrs. Chrissy McManus '88
Math Club explores recreational mathematics and competes in national mathematics leagues. The Club creates a venue for students to participate in more exciting and fun mathematical activities than are possible in the classroom. Students will be introduced to varies types of mathematics and their beauty.

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Montini Maniacs

Moderator: Ms. Laura Medina and Mr. Patrick Donlan
The Montini Maniacs promote overall school spirit in all athletics through themed game days and enthusiastic cheers.  The Manaics organize and promote the Student Game Day Kickoffs.

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Musings Magazine

Moderator: Mrs. Shannon Valley
The Musings Club publishes the Annual Musings Literary Magazine that captures the written and artistic creativity of all Montini Catholic students.


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Peer Ministry Team

Moderators: Mrs. Kelly Davis and Mrs. Katie Miller
The Student Peer Ministry Team seeks to enrich the faith life of Montini Catholic by allowing for more student centered choice and engagement in retreats, small groups, prayer and volunteer experiences. Students must apply and be interviewed to become a member of the Peer Ministry Team and must continue to demonstrate a devotion to faith and leadership throughout the year they are members of the team. The Peer Ministry Team helps lead the Freshmen Retreat and Sophomore Service Day Reflection. To learn about the 2018-2019 Peer Ministry Team please click here to read their news story.

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Science Club

Moderators: Mrs. Sandy Deiber and Dr. Larry Misialek
Science Club explores interesting and creative ideas related to science through labs, activities and a science trivia game.

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Spanish Club

Moderator: Mrs. Nora Kinney 
Spanish Club keeps students in touch with the target language, as well as, with Spanish and Latin American customs and traditions in order to broaden students’ horizons. The Club works on cultural related activities such as music, holidays, film in-school field trip and food. This year the club will go to a soccer match and challenge the French Club to a soccer game.

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Student Government

Moderator: Ms. Laura Medina
Student government officers and members organize and lead events that inspire school spirit and participation.  Student Government is responsible for the overall theme and activities for Homecoming, Golden Gobbler Food Drive, Winter Formal and other student led initiatives.

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Moderator: Mr. Don Glowinski
The Treblemakers is a female choir group that performs at the Fall, Christmas, Winter and Spring Concerts. The group seeks to enhance the musical enrichment and enjoyment of the members while introducing new genres of music to the students.Musical enrichment and enjoyment

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Echoes Yearbook Club

Moderators: Mrs. Melanie Comella '10 
Yearbook Club works to capture memories throughout the school as well design and layout the yearbook. Students learn about effective layouts and publishing schedules.