Counselors work with all students, at each grade level, to develop appropriate personal, social, academic and career goals.  In partnership with parents/guardians, and school staff, counselors will offer a proactive guidance program that will assist all students in becoming life long learners and successful members of society.

Counselors meet with students during the first semester.   During this meeting, students are able to learn more about the resources available to them and ask questions of their counselors. These counselors are always available for academic, social, personal, or vocational issues and are always kept personal and confidential.  A social worker is available for those students who require additional resources, support and assistance. 

Students are generally assigned according to their last name.

Additional information relating to the School Counseling Department, can be found in the links below.

Photograph of Mr. Kevin Bab
Mr. Kevin Bab
College & School Counselor
Photograph of Ms. Kendal Franz
Ms. Kendal Franz
School Counselor
Photograph of Mr. Brian Hyland
Mr. Brian Hyland
School Counselor