St. John Baptist de La Salle regarded a school as a community of believers working cooperatively to achieve a shared vision. The qualities of a LaSallian Education include centering teaching on Catholic values and personal relations and advancing innovations in teaching, technology and scholarship. United, we can come together as One Montini and provide support to ensure the charism of De La Salle continues.  We are Montini!

Thank you to the 105 donors for their support of the One Montini Tuition Assistance Fund.  Through your support we were able to raise over $330,000 that provided relief to 88 students and their families who were affected by COVID-19 so their student may remain at Montini Catholic. Your support will make a direct impact and provide much needed stability for many of our families.

Let us not allow the practice of social distancing to distance our hearts and minds from helping our students and families. St. John Baptist de La Salle…Pray for Us. Live Jesus in Our Hearts…Forever.

One Montini Tuition Assistance Fund

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Giving online to Montini Catholic is safe and secure. Complete the form below and enter your credit card information on the following page.  Thank you for supporting our Student Tuition Assistance Fund. #wearemontini