Support Montini with a no-selling fundraiser. Purchase gift cards through Raise Right at face value and Montini orders the cards through Raise Right at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate for the school and YOU! Raise Right offers over 750 brands including grocery, department store, gas stations, restaurants, hotels home improvement and more. 

Let's Get Started!

How do I register and start shopping?
You can register/shop through the mobile app, online or both.

  • Mobile App: Raise Right, search for the App in the App store. Download the app. Click here for more information on the Raise Right app.
  • Online: Click here for more information on the online platform.

Create an account and use the enrollment code: 3FFLEALD2334L.

I've registered now what?
Unlike Manna, you can shop any day of the week and have your order sent to you via e-cards, sent to your Raise Right Mobile Wallet or have physical gift cards shipped directly to you (for a small fee and a limit of up to 16 cards sent at one time).  Also different, is that no cards will be sent to Montini for disbursement (unless a special date has been set by the school, currently we will be allowing ship to school orders for December 9th).

What types of stores are available?
There are over 750 brands available including: Jewel, Mariano's, Starbucks, Amazon, Chipotle, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Buffalo Wild Wings, CVS, Groupon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Kohl's, Marshall's/TJMaxx, Old Navy, PetSmart and many more!  Some stores offer your choice of physical gift cards, e-gift cards or digital cards.  Click here for information on egift cards and reloadable cards.

How do I pay for my gift cards?
All payments will be made online either through the app or the website. You can pay with debit, credit card or by linking your bank account.  Orders will not be processed until payment is complete.  Checks will not be accepted for payment. Click here for more information about online payments.

How does the tuition credit work?
Each month a report will be generated that will indicated the rebate amount you earned. This amount will be split with Montini 50/50.  Tuition credits will occur at the end of each quarter and will appear on your tuition invoice. The first credits will appear in December.
When you register you will be asked who you are "Fundraising for" please list the name of your student in these fields. If you have more than one student, please only list one student.   If you do not list a student, your funds will be donated to the general scholarship fund. 
NOTE: If your tuition is paid in full, either through scholarships, grants or personal payment, you will not be eligbile to receive the 50% tuition credit.  However, you can donate your portion to another family via the Raise Right website or the general scholarship fund.

I work for a company and would like to place a large order, is this possible?
YES! For large, bulk orders, please contact Ximena Schumerth, Scrip Coordinator (

Can I have friends or family participate?
YES!  Friends and family can participate and earn you tuition credits.  

Other Important Notes:

  • Gift cards can be reloaded through the app or online.
  • $5 and $10 gift cards are available in limited quantities for the Holiday season. Click for more information.
  • eGift Cards are delivered to the app within minutes.
  • Bonuses are offered every month and can be found in the app or online.